Claire Grant, Biology Advisor



University of Washington – Seattle, WA Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biology (Ecology, Evolution and Conservation)

While studying biology and working in their lab Claire spent a lot of time thinking about how educational equity and climate justice go hand in hand. They also realized how much they enjoy supporting students, but beyond that, they experienced and observed how impactful getting connected with the right resource or person can be for a student’s ability to reach their goals. Prior to stepping into their current role advising biology students here on campus, Claire spent four years as an advisor and instructor for the Interdisciplinary Honors Program at UW Seattle where they focused on peer education, leadership development, and supporting students transition into college. Claire finds meaning and purpose in supporting students on their path to finding their own unique way to make the world a better place. In their free time Claire enjoys kayaking in the Puget Sound, gardening with their significant other and two cats, and learning new things.

Job responsibilities

  • Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the Biological Sciences Major