Engineering & Mathematics

Welcome to the Division of Engineering & Mathematics

Engineering & Mathematics at UW Bothell includes Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering; Master of Science (MS) degree in Electrical Engineering; and a Graduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations.

ABET accredited programs include all three engineering undergraduate programs: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering. These programs received full ABET accreditation in 2019.

Our students develop strong skills in the fundamental mathematical and scientific principles enabling them to either seek employment in industry or go on to graduate study. Our faculty have won national awards and funding and have an outstanding reputation in their fields. This webpage will provide you with an introduction to our majors and how you may participate in our programs. For further details please follow the links listed below.

Professor Tad Ghirmai, Chair of the Division of Engineering & Mathematics


UW Bothell offers three undergraduate engineering programs and two graduate programs.




The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is designed to prepare students pursuing careers in engineering, actuarial science, database and computer systems, administration network and data communication analysis, statistical analysis secondary mathematics teaching and other fields.

A degree in mathematics is versatile and sought-after by industry. Graduates often pursue graduate studies in mathematics, physics, and engineering.

Minors in Mathematics and Actuarial Science are also offered.

Undergraduate capstone

Preparing engineers to address real-world challenges through cross-disciplinary research

At UW Bothell, we prioritize multidisciplinary education to best align with market demands and enhance student readiness. To this end, within the Engineering & Mathematics division, we’ve revamped our senior year capstone program to integrate our ABET accredited Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering programs.

By merging these three programs and with collaboration with other divisions, either within the UW Bothell School of STEM, UW Bothell School of Business or with UW Seattle and specialized labs, students gain access to a broader range of projects and foster cross-department collaboration, reflecting the complexities of societal and industrial needs. This prepares our engineers to address real-world challenges, including sustainability and scalability. Through leading-edge research and collaborative partnerships, we’re at the forefront of advancing sustainability and environmental stewardship.