The School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics consists of four divisions that collectively offer a total of 16 undergraduate major pathways.

Degree types

  • BA – Bachelor of Arts
  • BS – Bachelor of Science
  • * BSCE – Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  • * BSEE – Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • * BSME – Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

* ABET-accredited engineering programs

Division of Biological Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Biology degree provides students with a foundation that will enable them to pursue careers or graduate study in medicine, dentistry, health professions, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, ecology, biology, and biology education.

Division of Computing & Software Systems

The degrees in the Division of CSS provide the broad educational background valued by employers and by computing professionals seeking rewarding careers. Our aim is a transformative educational experience that not only provides fundamentals and technical skills, but also the perspective to understand how to be an effective, confident, and respected member of our profession.

Division of Engineering & Mathematics

Division of Engineering & Mathematics students develop strong skills in the fundamental mathematical and scientific principles enabling them to either seek employment in industry or go on to graduate study. Our faculty have won national awards and funding and have an outstanding reputation in their fields. View the Division of Engineering & Mathematics webpages.

Division of Physical Sciences

Division of Physical Science students engage with award-winning faculty and experience the excitement of pursuing a career in science. From interactive classes to ground-breaking research, our programs offer students the opportunity to understand how the natural world works and to use their knowledge and skills to build a rewarding future. View the Division of Physical Sciences webpages.