Neurosurgery Research (PI: Pierre Mourad)

In my laboratory on UW Seattle campus I seek to perform laboratory and pre-clinical activities that have a chance to help patients in my life time. Ultrasound represents the major tool I use to improve patient care. Specific projects include novel means of imaging traumatic brain injury, the modification of brain function with therapeutic intent, and stimulation of focal volumes of subcutaneous tissue in order to help medical doctors improve the anatomical specificity of diagnosis, hence treatment, of pain.

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Research at Smart Medical Devices Lab (PI: Jong Yoon)

Our research interests focus on the design and development of mechatronics systems and their applications in biomedical devices. In the current atmosphere of thriving collaboration between the medical and engineering establishments, including cutting-edge work on imaging/diagnosis and therapeutic approaches in surgical robotics, my research is topical and characterized by a strong interdisciplinary focus. Given our experience and expertise, three main research topics are:

  1. multi-modal medical diagnostic devices
  2. minimally invasive surgical robotics and smart user interface
  3. assistive technologies (neural interface and assistive devices). The above three components can stand alone but many times are tied together synergistically

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