Minor in Chemistry

The Chemistry minor at UW Bothell teaches students the fundamental principles of chemistry through a combination of lecture and practical laboratory experience. You will gain a working knowledge of the methodologies needed to solve complex problems and communicate ideas to the scientific community.

A minor in Chemistry is beneficial to students majoring in fields such as biology, physics, engineering, environmental science, and mathematics, or those preparing for further study in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, and forensics. It is an asset for students considering professional work in laboratory or manufacturing settings.

Declaring the minor

The Chemistry minor has no prerequisites, but students completing the General Chemistry series (BCHEM 143+144, 153+154, 163+164) at UW Bothell must first complete either Preparation for General Chemistry (BCHEM 139) or mathematics at Precalculus I (BMATH 122) level or higher.

Contact the academic advisor for your major at any time to declare the Chemistry minor.

Program requirements

Core requirements (29 credits)

Elective requirements (18+ credits)

You must complete a selection of “BCHEM” elective coursework, meeting the following criteria:

  • You must take at least 18 credits over at least five (5) courses
  • All courses must be 300-level or higher
  • At least one (1) of the courses must be a lab course (indicated below with [Lab] tag)
  • The courses must be selected from at least three out of five of the following categories:
    • Analytical Chemistry
      • [Lab] BCHEM 315: Quantitative Environmental Analysis + Lab (5 credits)
      • BCHEM 316: Quantitative Chemical Analysis and Equilibrium Chemistry (4 credits)
      • [Lab] BCHEM 317: Quantitative Environmental Analysis Lab (3 credits)
      • [Lab] BCHEM 426: Instrumental Analysis + Lab (5 credits)
    • Biochemistry
      • BCHEM 310: Molecular Modeling (5 credits)
      • BBIO/BCHEM 364: Biochemistry I (5 credits)
      • BBIO/BCHEM 365: Biochemistry II (5 credits)
      • [Lab] BBIO/BCHEM 366: Biochemistry Lab (3 credits)
      • BBIO/BCHEM 375: Molecular Biology (5 credits)
      • [Sometimes Lab] BCHEM 494: Special Topics in Biochemistry (credit varies)
    • Chemistry Education
      • BCHEM 497: Apprenticeship in Chemistry Education (3 credits)
    • Inorganic Chemistry
      • BCHEM 312: Inorganic Chemistry I (3 credits)
      • BCHEM 313: Inorganic Chemistry II (3 credits)
      • [Lab] BCHEM 3XX: Inorganic Chemistry Lab (coming soon)
    • Physical Chemistry
      • BCHEM 401: Physical Chemistry I (4 credits)
      • BCHEM 402: Physical Chemistry II (4 credits)
      • [Lab] BCHEM 404: Physical Chemistry Lab (4 credits)
    • Category varies (check with advisor)
      • [Sometimes Lab] BCHEM 493: Advanced Topics in Chemistry (credit varies)


Some Chemistry courses are restricted to students in the Chemistry majors for registration period 1, but become available to all students from registration period 2 onwards. You can contact the academic advisor for chemistry for assistance with registration.


Chemistry-related courses that are not included on the elective lists are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have a syllabus, letter from the instructor, or other detailed description for the class you wish to use as an elective, you may submit a petition to request for the course to count.

A minimum of 24 credits used for this minor must be taken at UW Bothell, which means that a maximum of 23 credits may be taken elsewhere (including other UW campuses).