Capstones & internships

Capstones allow students to serve the community while addressing an impactful problem with many, if not all, of the skills and knowledge they have accumulated during their educational experience at UW Bothell. As such, these projects require a significant amount of effort and time on the student’s part, ranging from 5 – 9 months, during their senior year.

Thanks to this concentrated effort, the end-result for the community partner includes a mutually engaging experience and a device or process built to that partner’s specifications. For the students, their concentrated effort yields a greater depth of skills and knowledge, personal satisfaction due to successfully addressing an impactful problem, and a finished device or process that they can share with family, friends and prospective employers.

Computer Science & Software Engineering Capstone

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) curriculum stresses computer programming and people centered software development processes. View the CSSE capstone sponsor/employer overview.

Janet McDaniel,

Computer & Electrical Engineering Capstone

The UW Bothell Computer Engineering Capstone program is unique because of its strong dependence on engagement with companies in the Puget Sound Area. Computer Engineering Capstone teams of 3 or 4 students work on projects supplied by “client companies” as if they are a small consulting group.

Sponsoring a Capstone Project requires a one-paragraph project proposal from the company and name of a contact person who will be the technical mentor for the team. Unlike other programs, UW Bothell does not charge a fee to participate. However, we do expect that the company will provide funds for fabrication and project materials.

Dr. Arnold Berger,

Mechanical Engineering Capstone

Mechanical engineers design, develop, build, and test devices and/or processes that meet an impactful need. They deal with anything that can embody movement, from components to machines to the human body. View the mechanical engineering capstone overview.

Dr. Pierre D. Mourad,

Capstone Examples

Previous Sponsors

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  • Fluke
  • Intel
  • Olympus
  • Philips
  • Quarter Turn
  • RPM
  • Signal Interface Group
  • Watertonics