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“In this changing world, those who understand and can do mathematics will have significantly enhanced opportunities and options for shaping their futures. Mathematical competence opens doors to productive futures.”

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Mathematics is an established and growing field with students pursuing careers in engineering, actuarial science, database and computer systems administration, network and data communication analysis, statistical analysis, secondary mathematics teaching, and other fields. Students with a major in mathematics often pursue graduate studies in mathematics, physics, and engineering.



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Math majors or those declaring the math major or minor:

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Major requirements

The Division of Engineering and Mathematics offers a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BS), in addition to a Minor in Mathematics and Minor in Actuarial Science (offered in collaboration with the School of Business).

The requirements for the major program is provided below. Please see the course catalog for course descriptions, and offerings in upcoming quarters. Please contact with any questions.


To gain admission to the program, an average grade of 2.5 in the following three prerequisite courses is required, with no grade below a 2.0 in any individual course. An average grade of 3.0 or higher is recommended.

Prerequisites (15 credits)
Credits Course
5 STMATH 124 Calculus I
5 STMATH 125 Calculus II
5 STMATH 126 Calculus III

Core course requirements

A minimum grade of 2.0 is required in each of the following eight core courses.

Core requirements (40 credits)
Credits Course
5 STMATH 207 Introduction to Differential Equations
5 STMATH 208 Matrix Algebra with Applications
5 STMATH 224 Multivariable Calculus
5 STMATH 300 Foundations of Modern Mathematics

STMATH 341 Introduction to Statistical Inference
STMATH 390 Probability and Statistics in Engineering
STMATH 392 Probability *

5 STMATH 381 Discrete Mathematical Modeling
STMATH 405 Numerical Analysis I **
5 STMATH 402 Abstract Algebra I
5 STMATH 424 Real Analysis I

* STMATH 341 and STMATH 390 may not both be taken for credit; select the one that best meets the needs of your program. STMATH 392 may be taken for elective credit by students who have also taken one of STMATH 341 or 390.

** STMATH 381 and STMATH 405 may both be taken for credit, with one counting as a core requirement, and the other as an elective.

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Elective courses

Complete five additional STMATH courses (25 credits) at the 300- or 400-level, subject to the restrictions below.
A minimum grade of 2.0 is required in each elective course being counted towards the degree.

At least three electives must be from the following list.
At least one must be from a course marked with a
Credits Course
5 *  STMATH 403 Abstract Algebra II
5 *  STMATH 406 Numerical Analysis II
5 *  STMATH 408 Nonlinear Optimization
5 *  STMATH 409 Advance Linear Algebra
5 *  STMATH 425 Real Analysis II
5 *  STMATH 441 Topology
5 STMATH 407 Linear Programming
5 STMATH 420 History of Mathematics
5 STMATH 427 Complex Analysis
5 STMATH 444 Foundations of Geometry
Other approved elective courses
Credits Course
5 STMATH 310 Mathematical Game Theory (not currently offered)
5 STMATH 330 Financial Mathematics
5 STMATH 350 Applied Number Theory and Cryptography (not currently offered)
5 STMATH 381 Discrete Mathematical Modeling †
5 STMATH 392 Probability ♦
5 STMATH 405 Numerical Analysis I †
5 STMATH / B EDUC 465 Fostering Algebraic Reasoning
5 STMATH / B EDUC 466 Fostering Geometric Reasoning
5 STMATH / B EDUC 467 Fostering Data, Graphical and Statistical Understanding
(not currently offered)
1-5 STMATH 493 Special Topics in Mathematics
1-5 STMATH 498 Independent Study
1-5 STMATH 499 Undergraduate Research

† One of STMATH 381 or STMATH 405 must be counted as a core requirement.
‡ No more than five credits of STMATH 498 or STMATH 499 may count toward math elective credits. Students must opt for a numerical grade to count the course as a math elective.
♦ STMATH 392 may only count for elective credit if a student has also taken one of STMATH 341 or 390.

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Supporting science course requirements

Supporting requirements (16 credits)
Credits Course
5 BPHYS 121 Mechanics
5 BPHYS 122 Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion
6 CSS 142/CSSKL142 Computer Programming I (with skills class)

Additional courses

As needed to fulfill University General Education Requirements and to equal 180 credits.

Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Math advising frequently asked questions

UW Bothell students currently enrolled in the major can contact advisor Evinn Hickey. Learn more about STEM undergraduate advising.

Evinn Hickey
Assistant Director/Academic Advisor
Discovery Hall 352

Advising appointments

Math majors or those declaring the math major or minor:

Schedule an appointment online!


How to Apply

Internal applicants

If you are a pre-major student at the University of Washington Bothell, please submit an internal application online. The Autumn 2023 internal application opens February 8, 2023 and the deadline is August 1, 2023. For students from UW Seattle or UW Tacoma, please complete a transfer application. Information for transfer applicants is below.

If you have questions about the internal application process, please contact pre-major advising at or visit the pre-major advising website.

Transfer applicants

If you are a student from an institution other than the University of Washington Bothell, please submit a transfer application online. Students from UW Seattle or UW Tacoma, please use this application.

If you have questions about the transfer application process, please visit the transfer advising website.

For priority transfer application deadlines, visit the application deadlines page.

Resolving Registration Issues

Prerequisite errors

If you cannot register for a B MATH or STMATH course due to a prerequisite error, and you believe you have fulfilled the prerequisite, contact the mathematics advisor, Evinn Hickey, at Please include: 

  1. Your full name
  2. Your 7-digit student ID number
  3. The 5-digit SLN (registration code) of the course
  4. The course prefix, number, and section (Example: “STMATH 390 A”). You can find these on the time schedule or through a MyPlan search.
  5. A short description and/or screenshot of the issue preventing your registration​

Repeating a course

If you cannot register for a B MATH or STMATH course because you have already attempted it twice, email to set up an appointment with the mathematics advisor. Attempting a course for a third time is a petition and must be discussed with the mathematics advisor.

Closed courses

Use the Mathematics Course Waitlist form if the B MATH or STMATH course you want to take is closed. We strongly recommend registering for a backup course while on the waitlist. Filling out the waitlist form does not guarantee a seat in a requested course. Registration prioritization is holistic (not first-come, first-serve), and your place on the waitlist may change as other students make requests. Access the form for details on the prioritization criteria. 

Waitlist requests will be reviewed on a weekly basis. If a seat becomes available for you, you will be contacted using the preferred email address indicated on your form. You will then have 24 hours to respond. If you do not respond, the spot will be offered to the next student on the waitlist. 

The waitlist will be discontinued on March 24. At that time, all B MATH and STMATH courses will be opened to their full capacity until 11:59pm on April 2. On April 3, the Late Add Period begins and instructor permission will be required to join a class. 

You must active your UW G Suite Account and be logged in to access the form:

  1. Visit the UW NetID Resources page on your MyUW account.
  2. On the UW G Suite page next to Account Status, click Turn On.
  3. Log out of Google or open a private browsing window if you are logged into your personal account.
  4. Click the link below to access the form.
  5. When prompted, log into Google using your UW email address (example: "").

Spring 2023 Mathematics Course Waitlist Form

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Research Experience for Undergraduates

The Mathematics major program has an external website to highlight research experience for undergraduates called the "REU Site: Tiling Theory, Knot Theory, Optimization, Matrix Analysis, and Image Reconstruction". Learn more about the UW Bothell Mathematics REU site, which is funded by the the National Science Foundation.

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