Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the UW Bothell School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics provides guidance to the STEM director and faculty on issues related to STEM education and STEM-related industry needs.

Irena Atov, Ph.D.

Microsoft, Principal Architect – Intelligent Conversation and Communications Cloud, Office 365 Services

“The School of STEM’s commitment to fostering equal access to opportunity is exemplary and inspiring. I believe in greater access to higher education and STEM fields, as well as enabling prospects for students to have an equal impact in the world.”

Erik Baserman

PMI Worldwide, Vice President, Engineering & Quality

“I’m attracted to the quality of the educational programs and facilities, the practical approach and smaller classes, and the impact the School of STEM has on the region. I’m inspired to help the School of STEM continue its fast growth in breadth and depth of offerings while preserving the unique student experience and positive impact on the regional innovation community.”

Ralph Boy

The Boeing Company, BCA-System Architect, Technical Fellow (Retired)

“I have been fortunate in my career to have seen and followed certain opportunities to be successful. Providing opportunities and experiences for the students will help them shape their future. Having the benefit of 20/20 hindsight and working with exceptionally talented members of the board and staff, I believe we can make unique opportunities and experiences available for the students and community.”

Michelle Gamboa

Adobe Systems, Software Quality Engineer

“STEM, especially computers and technology, have been my passion since I was 8 years old. I am fortunate that I have found a lot of opportunities to build on that passion through my career and through UW Bothell’s Computing and Software Systems program. I have seen UW Bothell grow from Canyon Park’s campus to a much bigger, vibrant university that it is today.”

Holly Gion, Board Chair

Smartsheet, Senior Corporate Counsel

“I have been very fortunate to have had wonderful mentors who provided career guidance, helped build my professional network and offered opportunities to learn and advance in the privacy and technology space. I would not have been presented with these opportunities without access to higher education. Serving on the UW Bothell STEM Advisory Board appealed to me because I believe in the mission and core values of the School of STEM, including its commitment to provide opportunity and greater access to underrepresented communities.”

Rodrigo Gonzalez Ph.D.

AGC Biologics, Senior Director, R & D Center

“It’s a unique privilege to be part of the STEM board, I have the feeling of being literally back in the classroom and that comes with two gifts: To be able to keep on learning with extraordinary colleagues and the possibility to give the UW community the best of AGC’s experience in Biotech problem solving.”

Ian Heisser

Nordstrom, Director of Engineering

Glenn Hoogerwerf

Kudu, Founder & CEO

Jessica Lyons

Tableau Software, Senior Academic Program Manager

Sireen Malik, Ph.D.

Nokia, Head of SaaSD Frameworks

“The STEM School at UW Bothell does everything it can to make sure that the students become everything that they can. Its mission and vision aligns perfectly with what I wholeheartedly believe in. I am committed to building diverse communities, empowered by the ideas and intellectual energies of teachers, students, parents, social as well as industrial leaders – irrespective of their ethnic and racial backgrounds, gender, social class, disabilities, sexual orientation and special needs. I am passionate about simultaneously stoking and supporting an individual’s curiosity, critical thinking, collaborative potential, soft skills as well as leadership skills.”

Heba Ramzy

Avanade, Executive—Global Citizenship Lead | Responsible Business Co-Lead

Kranti P. Singh

Boeing, Chief Engineer/Engineering Director

Dan Terry

BRIOTECH Inc., Founder

“As someone who has for decades made a living in the science and manufacturing space, I feel a passionate responsibility to encourage and support our future leaders who may have inside them the answers that will help our community and world. My long commitment to STEM is a way to pay back the many mentors who have helped shape my career and perhaps pass on some sense of excitement about the possibilities that lay in our future.”

Phil Tsai, Ph.D.

Seagen, SVP, Technical Development