CSS Registration & Waitlists

Notice: There will be no registration request form or waitlist for Summer 2024 courses. Contact advising at cssadv@uw.edu if you need assistance for summer registration.

This page explains how to register for courses offered by the Division of Computing & Software Systems (CSS), which are required for Applied Computing, Computer Science & Software Engineering (CSSE), Computer Engineering, and several other undergraduate majors and minors.

  1. How do I register?
  2. When do I register?
  3. Resolve registration issues
  4. Special registrations (Capstone, Internship, Independent Study, Research)
  5. Registration request form

How do I register?

  1. Meet with your academic advisor early to create your long-term academic plan.
  2. Know your registration date. Registration begins at 6:00 AM PST.
  3. Complete the pre-registration steps before your registration date each quarter.
  4. Use MyPlan to build your schedule and register each quarter.
  5. Resolve registration issues if you are having trouble.
  6. Audit your degree(s) after registration to confirm everything counts correctly. Click “Refresh Audit”.

When do I register?

Autumn 2024 registration timeline

  • All Periods (May 3rd – October 1st):
  • Registration Period I (May 3rd – June 16th):
    • CSS majors (Applied Computing, CSSE, Computer Engineering) can register for most CSS courses.
    • Majors that require CSS courses can register for those specific courses.
  • Registration Period II (June 17th – September 24th):
    • CSS 301, 340, 342, 350, and 360 become waitlist courses until new student orientations are complete. Remaining seats will be offered to students on the waitlists in late March.
    • Most other CSS courses become available to students in any major or CSS minor (not Pre-Major or non-matriculated students).
  • Registration Period III (September 25th – October 1st):
    • Most CSS courses become available to all students (including Pre-Major and non-matriculated students) as long as there is still space.
    • Important note for CSS 301 (Technical Writing): Attendance to the first class session is mandatory. After this, we cannot register you even if seats become vacant.

Resolve registration issues

Course is full / needs add code

Repeating courses

If you have taken a CSS core class twice before and plan to attempt it a third time, you may need to petition. Review the repeat petition information to determine if this applies to you.

If you need to retake a class for the second time or if it is not a CSS core course, email cssadv@uw.edu for assistance. Please check that you are eligible to enroll in this class during the current registration period, before contacting us.

Prerequisite errors

If it’s your registration period and the course has filled or needs an add code, use the Registration Request Form. Otherwise, if the course still has space and doesn’t need an add code, but you are still having trouble, contact cssadv@uw.edu with the information below:

  • Your full name
  • UW student ID number
  • 5-digit SLN (registration number; “12345”) and/or course code with letter section (“CSS 301 A”)
  • Short description and/or screenshot of the issue preventing registration

Special registrations

Applied Computing Capstone (CSS 496)

CSSE Capstone, Internship, Independent Study, or Research

  • Special arrangement. CSS 198, 199, 397, 495, 497, 498, and 499 are arranged by you and a faculty member. They usually do not have a set meeting time or location like regular courses.
  • Variable credits and grading. These courses can vary between 1 or more credits. You can often choose between credit that is graded (4.0-scale) or ungraded (CR/NC). Unlike ‘S’ (Satisfactory) grades, ‘CR’ grades can always fulfill degree requirements the same way that graded credit can. Read more about undergraduate grading.
  • Registration. Follow these steps:
    1. Visit our faculty page and reach out to a few faculty that you have either worked with before (recommended) or that you share academic/research/professional interests with. You can click on their name to view their profile or personal website for more information.
    2. Complete the contract form with your faculty member’s help and send it to:

Registration Request Form

Waitlist courses

  • Pre-Major students can only join the waitlist for CSS 133, 143, and 295. Please review the “When do I register?” section of this page for more info on registering for CSS courses.
  • Courses not on these lists do not use the registration request form. Use the Seat Availability Notification instead.
  • CSS 496. We create a waitlist to ensure completion of this course’s prerequisites. Be prepared with a list of three Second Discipline courses you will have completed.
  • Reserved for newly admitted CSS majors that need them in their first quarter:
  • Locked when full so that we can assist students with prerequisite errors:

Program-restricted courses

Some courses are only for students in specific majors and minors. If you are not a current student in a major or minor that needs it, then your request will be denied:

  • NO Pre-Majors (current CSSE or IT minors OK)
  • Current CSSE majors ONLY
  • Current CSSE or Computer Engineering majors ONLY

What to expect

  • We cannot guarantee registration. This form is a REQUEST only. Prioritization is HOLISTIC, so your place on a waitlist may CHANGE as other students make requests. If we discover incorrect information, we may EDIT or DELETE your request.
  • Updates go to your UW email address and indicate one of the following:
    • You have been registered. Check your schedule to confirm.
    • We are offering you registration, but you need to resolve an issue within a time limit. If we do not hear from you, we will deactivate your request and move on to others until we hear from you.
    • You have not been registered, but we are updating you on your place in line.

Access the form

  1. If you have not already done so, visit the UW Google tab on your UW NetID Resources page, Next to Account Status, click Turn On.
  2. Open a private browsing window or log out of Google if you are logged into your non-UW Google account.
  3. Click the button below to access the form. When prompted, log into Google using your UW email address as the username (example: “netid@uw.edu“)

There is no Registration Request Form for Summer 2024. Contact advising at cssadv@uw.edu if you need assistance for summer registration.