Computer Engineering Admissions

The admissions committee uses a holistic approach when reviewing applications and takes into account academic performance (grades in prerequisite courses, repeated courses, overall GPA, grade trend), completion of core requirements and prerequisites, along with a personal statement providing the application committee with a compelling understanding of the student’s interest in Computer Engineering at the University of Washington Bothell.

  • Decisions are not made until the committee receives the final grades for all required prerequisite courses.
  • Students who take a 3-credit Intro to Technical Writing (at a local community college) or HCDE 231 (at UWS) may be required to take an additional 2 credits of Composition/Writing to satisfy graduation requirements.
  • The Computer Programming I and II prerequisites may use any programming language as long as it is the same language for both courses.

Application dates

The Computer Engineering major admits students for entry in autumn quarter. Visit the UW Bothell Application Dates & Deadlines page for information on application deadlines.

Program prerequisites

A minimum grade of 2.0 or higher is required for all prerequisite courses. The Computer Engineering major is competitive, and completion of the prerequisites does not guarantee admission.

Students must complete all of the following coursework, or their equivalents elsewhere, prior to admission to the program. Up to two (2) of the courses marked with an asterisk (*) may be in-progress at the time you apply.

  • B WRIT 134: English Composition
  • STMATH 124: Calculus I
  • STMATH 125: Calculus II
  • * STMATH 126: Calculus III
  • CSS 142: Computer Programming I
  • * CSS 143: Computer Programming II
  • BPHYS 121: Mechanics
  • * BPHYS 122: Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion

Optional prerequisites

The following courses can be completed before or after admission to the program.

  • BWRIT 135: Research Writing
    • or Intro to Technical Writing (ENGL& 235) from WA state colleges
  • BCHEM 143+144: General Chemistry I + Lab
  • STMATH 207: Differential Equations
  • STMATH 208: Matrix Algebra with Applications
  • STMATH 224: Multivariable Calculus

Community college equivalencies

Approved UW Bothell equivalencies for Computer Engineering prerequisites are located on the Equivalency Guide for Washington state community and technical colleges.

How to apply

Submit an internal application if you are:

  • A pre-major student at UW Bothell campus
  • Already in a major at UW Bothell and you want to switch majors
  • Already in a major at UW Bothell and you want to double major

Submit a transfer application if you are:

  • A current student at UW Seattle or UW Tacoma campus
  • Transferring from another college or university outside of the UW system