UW Bothell: Inspiring Innovation and Creativity

A respectful rapport

UW Bothell students are encouraged to discuss pressing issues, under the guidance of social justice organizers who are trained to maintain a respectful environment.

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Social justice organizers
Inspiring Innovation and Creativity
Crows lifting the W

Curious about crows

In the newest Pacific Science Center summer camp developed by UW Bothell, elementary students learned about the science and culture of crows on the campus where thousands of them roost. More about crows.

A faculty discussing mentorship

The power of mentoring

University of Washington Bothell faculty and students tell their mentoring stories and explain how those relationships build success in college and beyond. Watch the video.

Brice Hamack

An unexpected trajectory

Brice Hamack says his life expanded when he became involved in campus events. The 2009 Business graduate went on to law school and now works at a legal aid center in Canberra, Australia. Read the story.

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