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the bees

If UW Bothell had an official insect it would be the bee, which embodies the university’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Flying bee
Inspiring Innovation and Creativity
whale in ocean

What do whales hear?

Assistant Professor Shima Abadi has received a three-year $850,000 grant from the Navy to analyze underwater noise in the Pacific to better understand the impact of human activities on marine life. Read about the whales.

Alan Wood

Taking history into the future

Founding faculty member Alan Wood is working with the Office of Digital Learning & Innovation to turn 30 years of classroom experience into the first set of fully online history courses at UW Bothell. Read the story.

Joe Torres

International alum

Joe Torres was 10 years into an impressive international career when he arrived at the UW Bothell campus as a graduate student. After earning his MBA, he was selected for a prestigious, two-year appointment with a Canadian nonprofit organization. Meet Joe Torres.

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