School of Educational Studies

Improving Lives Through Learning

We believe in the power of educators of all sorts to help transform both individuals and communities.

As a school, we strive to produce critically engaged educators and citizens who:

  • promote equity and social justice across educational and community contexts
  • serve as leaders and change agents in their respective fields
  • have the commitment and capability to promote the learning of all students in diverse contexts, including special education

Ready to apply?

Learn how to apply to each program with the links below:

Find your path

We offer innovative interdisciplinary degree programs designed for those interested in the field of education in all its forms, pathways to becoming a certified Washington state teacher, as well as professional development programs to support educators in their profession and personal growth.


Gain a strong foundation for your education-related field of choice

Our interdisciplinary programs can be a powerful foundation for leaders and change makers in a wide variety of education-realted fields, such as non-profits, museums, education policy, teaching abroad and more! Contact our undergraduate advisor for more about our majors and minors. Contact our M.Ed advisor for more about our master's program.


Become a certified teacher in Washington State

The School of Educational Studies offers three, traditional-route teacher certification programs. Contact an advisor to figure out which pathway is right for you!


Grow professionally

We ofter several professional development options, all rooted in the standards of equity and social justice that shape the Schools mission, vision, and values. 

Unsure of the right pathway for you?

Make an appointment with one of our undergraduate and post-baccalaureate certification advisors, or with a Master’s of Education program advisor for help navigating the various pathways we offer to those passionate about education.

Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal

Now in it's twelfth year at the University of Washington, the Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal exists to promote justice-centered purposes of education by co-designing and studying processes for continuous renewal with schools, universities, and communities.

Visit the website of the Goodlad Institute