Declare the Educational Studies Major

We are thrilled you have taken the first step to joining the School of Educational Studies and we are here to support you every step of the way. You can find all the information you need to declare the Educational Studies major on this page.

On this page

How to Declare

Admission to the Educational Studies major depends on your application type:

Pre-Major Students

  1. Check in with your advisor to review Educational Studies minimum declaration requirements and to develop an academic plan.
  2. Submit the SES major declaration form linked below.
  3. Join SES and become an educator!

Current UWB Students Who Plan to Double Major or Change their Major

  1. Check in with an SES advisor to discuss a change of major or double major.
  2. Submit the SES major declaration form linked below.
  3. Join SES and become an educator!

First-Year & Transfer Students

  1. Work with an Admissions counselor to prepare your application to UW Bothell.
  2. Review UW Bothell Admissions deadlines.
  3. Apply to UW Bothell.
  4. After acceptance, register for and attend an Advising and Orientation session. If you are a new first-year student, you’ll learn how to join the Educational Studies major once you meet the minimum declaration requirements.

Returning Students

You are considered a returning student if you have not been enrolled for more than one quarter (excluding summer quarter). The returning student process, please email an SES advisor.

  1. Submit the Returning Student Request Form.
  2. Wait for form to be processed by the UW Bothell Registrar.
  3. Once readmitted to to UW Bothell, meet with your SES advisor to co-develop an updated academic plan.

Major Prerequisites

If you plan to declare the Educational Studies major, you should have these prerequisites in-progress or completed by the time you submit the declaration form:

  • 45 quarter credits at UW Bothell or transferred from other accredited institutions
  • B WRIT 134 Composition or other English Composition course with grade of 2.0 (C letter grade) or higher

Admission Deadlines

SES welcomes pre-major students and current UWB students to the Educational Studies major throughout the academic year. Students are encouraged to submit their declaration forms when they are ready, and forms will be processed within two weeks.

New UW Bothell first-year and transfer students should follow UW Bothell Admissions deadlines.