Education Studies: Elementary Education Option

Bachelor of Arts with Teacher Certification

Major Description

The Educational Studies: Elementary Education Option prepares students to become certified teachers in Washington state elementary schools who are focused on educational justice and equity. Elementary Education Option students learn how to center and sustain the rich cultural and linguistic identities and experiences of students, families, and communities. Elementary Education Option students work in partnership with communities to transform schools into spaces of possibility and joy.  

This cohorted academic program includes teaching methods courses, a student teaching placement in a local school district, and an endorsement specialization in special education or multilingual learners (ELL).

Why major in the Elementary Education Option?

Students who major in the Elementary Education Option are interested in: 

  • Being an advocate for educational justice and equity in schools and communities. 
  • Centering and sustaining the languages, culture, and ways of knowing of children and families. 
  • Fostering safe and inclusive learning environments that celebrate elementary students’ strengths.  
  • Teaching or developing curricula that reflect student experiences. 

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