Educational Studies

Bachelor of Arts

The Educational Studies major is an interdisciplinary degree program designed for students who are interested in the field of education in all its forms.

Educational Studies majors learn to think critically about issues of equity and social justice in educational and community contexts and have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to local, statewide, and national communities through hands-on experience in their coursework. Educational Studies majors go on to serve as thoughtful leaders and change agents in their respective fields.

Students who choose the Educational Studies major might be interested in working with educational non-profits, colleges and universities, children’s museums, education policy, children’s hospitals, or teaching abroad.

Major Concentrations

Core Themes

All students in the Educational Studies major complete coursework and a field experience that deepen their critical reflection and learning related to five core themes:

  • Education and equity
  • Theories of learning, culture, and identity
  • Teaching and learning in a multicultural society
  • Research and educational knowledge
  • Area of personal significance

Teacher Certification

The Educational Studies major does not result in a Washington state teacher certification. If you are interested in teaching, you can learn more about our teacher certification programs:

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