Safety is a critical aspect of laboratory activities, and the UW Bothell lab team works hard to ensure that each lab space is properly outfitted with appropriate precautions in order to maintain a safe working environment for all students, faculty, and staff. Each lab space has its own potential hazards and dangers; because of this variability, the necessary safety measures are different for each lab. Be sure to know your specific lab’s hazards before entering. A good place to start is by reading the warning labels posted outside the doors. They will tell you basic information about what’s in the lab, what you need to wear before going in, and any prohibited items, such as food or drink. If you are unsure about a particular lab space, please ask one of the lab team members, or contact UW EH&S for additional information.

Safety precautions will be monitored in teaching labs by the appropriate lab technician for each course. If safety concerns come up, whether inside or outside of classes, do not hesitate to let your concern be known. Safety is one of our top priorities.

Accidents and Injuries

No matter how careful and prepared you are, accidents or injuries sometimes do happen. If such an event does occur, first take appropriate emergency steps (dial 9-1-1, alert campus safety, clean up spills, attend to injured persons), then after the situation has been handled, be sure to fill out an Online Accident Report System form to document what happened, who was affected, and how.

Chemical storage

Another important aspect of safety is proper handling and storage of chemicals. Chemicals stored in any lab must have appropriate labels. They also need to be stored in appropriate containers, the type of which will vary depending on the chemical. Please see the Laboratory Safety Manual for a full overview of this topic.

Common Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Below is a list of downloadable standard operating procedures common across most laboratories on campus. More specific SOP’s are available by contacting your lab coordinator.