CELR Orientations

CELR Video Orientations

CELR faculty are invited to share these general orientation videos with your students. In-person and remote orientations during the first weeks of your class are encouraged and can be scheduled easily. Please email Dana Washington, Community Engaged Learning Program Manager, danaw4@uw.edu if you would like a CELR orientation or workshop tailored to your needs.

These videos refer to CELR as “CBLR (Community-based learning and research)” and were produced before CELR was adopted as the program name.

What To Expect In Your CELR Course

UW Bothell CELR staff provides a basic overview of logistics for students to consider when taking a CELR class.

Making the Most of Your CELR Experience Part 1

UW Bothell CELR staff shares recommendations for how to show up and make the most of your CELR experience, based on previous student and community partner insight. Includes: representing UW Bothell, understanding partner rules and expectations, avoiding harmful behavior, communication about scheduling, and dressing appropriately for your project.

Making the Most of Your CELR Experience Part 2

UW Bothell CELR staff shares information about the end of quarter evalation and expectations from community partners, as well as recommendations for how to highlight your CELR experience on a resume, Linked In, and other applications.

Working With Community Partners Part 1

Learn about tried and true steps for developing equitable and reciprocal partnerships when working with a CELR community partner. Includes: acknowledging power and privilege, accountability, establishing mutual trust and respect, focusing on strengths and gifts, staying flexible and open, and the importance of reflection and debriefing together.

Working with Community Partners Part 2

Recommendations for developing strong working relationships with CELR supervisors. Includes: introducing yourself and your class learning goals, communicating and checking in, networking, stepping up to responsibility, sharing appreciation and gratitude, reporting unethical, oppressive and non-consensual behavior.