EXPO Registration

Most courses that integrate a community-engaged learning option or component use a database called EXPO. This database allows students, faculty, and community partners to organize, disseminate information, and connect with each other and community-engaged learning opportunities.

Student Registration Link | EXPO self-guided tutorial

Troubleshooting EXPO

  • Be sure you’re using Google Chrome – EXPO doesn’t work in other browsers
  • Log out of all UW accounts, then use this link to log into EXPO
  • Check the current google account you are logged into and make sure you are using your UW account if you are signed in to multiple google accounts
  • Use Google Chrome’s Incognito window


Students who plan to complete a community-engaged learning and research self-placement must complete a Self-Placement Form. Self-placement forms are due according to faculty instruction.

Self-Placement Guidelines

1) What is the name of your service site? Is the organization you chose someone that UW Bothell already works with?

2) Is your organization listed in the drop-down menu?

  • If yes, proceed to step 3, then enter the corresponding information
  • If not, please see step 4 for further instructions

3) Select your organization and be sure that the “New organization?” box is UNCHECKED. Select the name of the correct “contact person” from the drop-down menu.

IF YOUR SITE SUPERVISOR IS NOT LISTED IN THE DROP-DOWN MENU, email Community-Engaged Learning and Research with the name, email, and phone number of your site supervisor before you select a site supervisor from the drop-down menu and continue the self-placement form.

4) You must create a NEW organization profile for your service site. Make sure to CHECK the “New organization?” box.

Enter the following pieces of information:

  • The organization’s full name
  • Its mailing address
  • Its website
  • Enter its mission statement, or a description of what the organization does under the “What is the organization all about?” box.
  • The first and last name of your contact person/site supervisor, their position title, and the best email to reach them at.

**This contact information is incredibly important for your course instructor and CELR to ensure you complete the CELR requirement, which has bearing on grading.