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2023-24 Courses 

What is a Community-Engaged Learning and Research (CELR) Course?

CELR courses give you hands-on learning experiences by partnering with campus and community groups to solve real-world challenges. These classes let you apply what you’ve learned, gain professional skills, and grow your network, all while making a positive impact in our community.  

  • PB Project-Based Course: In these courses, you’ll work on projects or research given by community partners, guided by faculty. Students typically produce concrete “deliverables” for the partner, which can be included in your professional portfolio, like GIS maps, videos, data visualization, business plans, software, and more.
  • PLPlacement-Based Course: Gain real experience by working with campus or community groups. Choose from pre-approved positions or set up your own related to your interests, like planting native species, tutoring, program evaluation, marketing resources, and more. Note that placement-based courses have required work hours outside of class. 

Autumn 2023

Last updated: 8/11/2023. This course list is subject to changes and additions. 

Business (BUS)

  • (PB) B BUS 307 : Business Writing – Laura Umetsu – theoretical and practical approaches to being a better ethical writer to prepare students to be more successful in business or other organizations. Partner(s): National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) 
  • (PB) B BUS 441 A: Business Project Management – Nick Cuhaciyan – skills that prepare students for rules as business project leaders and team members. Topics include project selection, risk, definition, stakeholder analysis, communication plans, scheduling, software, resource allocation, monitoring, post-project assessment. Emphasis on critical thinking and analysis. Partner(s): TBD 
  • (PB) B BUS 491 A: Business Consulting – Surya Pathak – applies principles and methods of consulting to organizations. Teams work as consultants for local businesses, applying management theory and concepts to develop strategic and tactical solutions to client-driven problems involving multiple functions. Partner(s): TBD 

Education (SES)

  • (PL) BEDUC 220 A: Education and Society – Gerard Holzman – examines educational problems, policy, and practice from interdisciplinary perspective. Explores the tensions between education values and goals throughout the history of public schooling in the United States and develops critical perspectives through which to evaluate current proposals for school reform. Partner(s): East African Community Services, Friends of North Creek Forest, Latino Educational Training Institute (LETI), Neighborhood House, Ryther Child Center, and more. (Minimum of 15 hours/quarter) 
  • (PL) BEDUC 441 A: Second Language Acquisition – Yue Bian – focuses on theories in second language acquisition, bilingual education, and the structure of English. Topics include research, practice, and connections between language, literacy, cultural tradition, identity, and education in preparation for teaching ELL’s in general education of classes specifically for ELL’s. Partner(s): TBD 
  • (PL) BEDUC 495 A: Applied Experience – Antony Smith  – integrates the knowledge and skills cultivated in prior B.A. in Educational Studies degree courses. Students participate in a hands-on experience in an educational fieldwork site, along with collaborative self-reflection on the challenges and opportunities of education in diverse settings. Partner(s): Mercy Housng Northwest, Youth Tutoring Program, Edmonds School District, Center for Human Services, Washington Alliance for Better Schools, and more. (Total 100 hours/one or more quarters) 

Interdisciplinary  Arts & Sciences (IAS)

  • (PB) BIS 235 A: Critical Media Literacy – Min Tang – explores how contemporary media communicate and produce meaning with the goal of developing students’ abilities to engage critically with their various media environments. Examines, interprets, and evaluates technologically mediated communications in order to critically assess their social, cultural, and political meanings and implications. Partner(s): Northshore School District 
  • (PB) BIS 232 A & B: Introduction to Data Visualization – Baaska Anderson, Joseph Ferrare – Introduces descriptive statistics and visual representations of quantitative data. Examines data sets using graphing and statistical software packages. Demonstrates how to present data in ways that are accurate, effective, and visually appealing. Partner(s): Edmonds School District 
  • (PB) BIS 352 A: Mapping Communities – Jin Kyu Jung – uses mapping and other methods to examine the concept of community. Explores the intersections of life in urban areas including perception and interaction with built environments, political and economic relationships, and social and cultural ties. Partner(s): City of Lynnwood, Doug 
  • (PB) BIS 406 A: Urban Planning and Geography – Jing Kyu Jung – examines historical and modern conceptualizations of “‘urban”‘, covering topics such as urban systems, urban forms, urban ecologies, urban planning, and urbanism. Investigates the integration of built forms; human interactions; and the environmental, social, political, and economic aspects of urban places. Partner(s): City of Lynnwood, City of Kenmore, or LETI 

Nursing & Health Studies (NHS)

  • (PB) BHS 496 A: Health Studies Fieldwork – Robin Fleming – students participate in fieldwork experiences to explore career options and develop skills in population health practice. Students use critical reflection to synthesize knowledge and experiences from fieldwork and program courses to support their professional development. Partner(s): NAMI Eastside, HealthPoint, UW Bothell School of Nursing & Health Studies, Bloodworks NW, Providence Regional Medical Center, and more. (Minimum 40 hours/quarter) 
  • B NURS 460 A: Translating Scholarly Knowledge to Nursing Practice – Linda Eaton – focuses on strategies for translating scholarly knowledge to practice. Continue to advance skills in evaluating and synthesis of scholarly literature. Attention to effective communication of evidence through written and oral formats. Partner(s): TBD 
  • (PB) B NURS 424 A: Population-Based Health in Community Practice – Robin Fleming & Maureen West – provides introduction to community health practice emphasizing nurses’ roles in population-based care through partnership with community agencies. Discusses socio-cultural, epidemiological, economic, and political influences on community health. Explores the role of professional communication and collaboration in facilitating health promotion, disease prevention, public health, and social justice efforts. Partner(s): TBD 

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

  • (PL) CSS 295 A: K-12 Computer Education – Arkady Retik – Collaboration with community partners to develop computing education opportunities for K-12 students. Curriculum development and basic computing education environments. Partner(s): Kenmore Middle School (Northshore School District) 
  • B BIO 495 A: Investigative Biology: Population Structure and Restoration of Kokanee Salmon in the Lake Washington Watershed – Jeffery Jensen – provides research experience in Biology. Topic and research methods vary. Partner(s): Lake Washington Kokanee Work Group 

Summer 2023 

Last updated 4/14/2022. This course list is subject to changes and additions.

Business (BUS)

  • (PB) BBUS 307 C: Business Writing – Laura Umetsu – Students conduct research, data collection, interviews with stakeholders, and write organizational web-based press releases that can be used to support an organizational objective​. Partner(s): National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • (PB) B BUS 441 Bus Project Management – Nick Cuhaciyan – Student groups collaborate with community partners to outline and execute a project management plan. Partner(s): City of Kenmore 

Education (SES)

  • (PB)  BEDUC 391 Disability and Society – Jason Naranjo – This course is designed to provide you with an opportunity to apply learning from the field of disability studies in the community with people with disability. Through use of service-learning, academic texts, and contemporary media we will explore the following areas of study: A) Access & barries to inclusive play and recreation, B) Allyship and social change, and C) The importance of outdoor play and recreation across the lifespan. Partner(s): Outdoors For All
  • (PL) BEDUC 495 A – Applied Experience – Sarita Shukla -Students deepen learning and practice working with community partners on career related projects related to education, equity, and access. Partner(s): Meridian Park ElementaryNeighborhood HouseSeattle Children’s Hospital, etc.

Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS)

  • (PB) BIS 232 A – Data Visualization – Caleb Trujillo – Students work with community partner survey data to analyze, address problem areas, and provide visualizations and recommendations. Partner(s): Edmonds School District

Nursing & Health Studies (NHS)

  • (PL) BHS 496 A – Health Studies Fieldwork – Victoria A Breckwich Vasquez – Students deepen learning and practice working with community partners on career related projects. Partner(s): Bloodworks NWHealthPointNAMI Greater Seattle, Sea Mar Community Health Center, etc.
  • (PB) BHS 201 A – Intro to Public Health – Sunita Iyer – Provides an introduction to the principle of public health with exploration of the frameworks, tools, and evidence base that guides disease prevention and health promotion efforts. Consideration given to ethical and public policy issues important to ensuring the fair distribution of resources. Partner(s): TBD 
  • (PB) BHLTH 439 A – Health Policy and Advocacy – Sunita Iyer – Examines how health policy and advocacy influence health outcomes of individuals and populations. Addresses policy process and the advocacy role of health education specialists in influencing local, state, and federal policy. Considers the impact of global trends on public health practice, policy, and systems. Partner(s): TBD
  • (PB) B NURS 424 – Pop Health Comm Practice A –  Maureen West and Anna Winquist – Students work in groups to develop and provide health education programming to community members. Partner(s): TBD
  • (PB) B HLTH 497 – Health Topics – Farm Workers & Health – Vicky Breckwich Vasquez – Investigates a health-related topic to provide students with knowledge and skills to promote health and well-being. Evaluates individual, institutional, and/or social determinants of health to guide life and work practice. Partner(s): BASTA Coalition of Washington

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