Our Staff

Collaboratory Staff

Jesus Govela – Collaboratory Space Manager

portrait of Jesus

email: govelaj@uw.edu

I am a first-gen 2019 Alumni from UW Bothell, who majored in Applied Computing and minored in Business. I strive to improve the community bonds here at UW Bothell through my work and through the connections I make with others. I love collaborating with students, staff, faculty, and clubs on joint projects. I’m always happy to help where I can, and enjoy working with computers and machines. My passions include video games, virtual and augmented reality, project management, and anything to do with creating digital content.

Specializes in: Space management, virtual and augmented reality, machine maintenance & setup, machine training, event planning.

Samantha Brown – Collaboratory Student Staff

portrait of Samantha

email: sbrown03@uw.edu

I am a passionate student looking to pursue a career in engineering. I have experience in fabrication, 3D modeling, and 3D printing. I am mainly in charge of the Collaboratory’s CNC carving machines, but I am always open to any general questions or conversation. I enjoy art, as well as metal and woodworking. Working in the Collaboratory has allowed me to combine these two passions, while sharing my experience with others. I love the creative process and am always happy to help others make their ideas come to life!

Specializes in: CNC milling

Drake Monfregola – Collaboratory Student Staff

portrait of Drake

email: drakemon@uw.edu

I am an optimistic student looking to share his expertise on everything laser cut. Have any questions on Adobe Illustrator? I’m your guy. I am always open to chat about any other questions about the Collaboratory. While also always being down to help fellow students and staff. I am also in charge of the Collaboratory’s marketing, so if you have any suggestions on advertising opportunities don’t be afraid to ask! Passions include drawing, video games, and everything Adobe.

Specializes in: Adobe software, laser cutting, marketing, digital media

Oksana Moraleja – Collaboratory Student Staff

portrait of Oksana

email: oks939@uw.edu

I’m excited to work at the Collaboratory and teach the students and staff about the space! I am a UW Bothell student with a passion for learning, looking to pursue a career in engineering. I have experience with 3D modeling and printing, as well as with most of the machines in the Collaboratory. I specialize in sewing and sewing machine maintenance. Don’t be afraid to come and ask me questions about anything!

Specializes in: Sewing, Sewing machine maintenance and repair, arts and crafts

Giuliano Bussadori – Collaboratory Student Staff

portrait of Giuliano

email: gbussado@uw.edu

I am a Computer Engineering student with a passion for engineering and 3D printing. I love working on large scale 3D prints and working on complex projects using CAD software. In addition, I enjoy fixing things and I am always happy to help solve problems whenever possible. My passions include 3D printing, CAD design, Aviation, and Sim-Racing.

Specializes in: 3D printer maintenance & repair, 3D printing, 3D modeling, electronics

Andrew Link – Collaboratory Student Staff

portrait of Andy

email: agl25@uw.edu

I am a first-year student interested in some form of media production degree, but I have an extensive past and passion for robotics, specifically FIRST robotics, so I have experience with almost all of our machines here at the Collaboratory. I have a huge drive to help others in any way I can and would love to help you with any questions that you may have about our space! I am very excited to continue working here with everyone and look forward to seeing what people create in the Collaboratory. My passions include basically anything creatively fulfilling, building, designing, animating etc.

Specializes in: Nothing yet but happy to learn whatever I can to help others.