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Marketing your International Experience



Why it Matters

A 2003 RAND study surveyed 135 Human Resource managers from 75 companies. By consensus, the most important employee skill sets were²:

  • Substantive content/technical knowledge of the primary field of business,
  • Managerial ability, with emphasis on teamwork and interpersonal skills,
  • Strategic international understanding, and
  • Cross-cultural experience.

Cross-cultural competence ranked 5th out of 19 attributes that ‘Make a successful career professional’ according to the same study.

A 2008 study found that the top 4 skills that employers value from someone who has studied abroad are³:

  • Interacting with people who hold different interests, values, and perspectives
  • Understanding cultural differences in the workplace
  • Adapting to situations of change
  • Gaining new knowledge from experiences

Marketing your International Experience: Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews

Possible international activities to include and highlight on your resume, cover letter or during an interview:

  • Education/Study Abroad
  • Coursework with a global component
  • Projects exploring a multi-cultural topic or with an international team
  • Clubs and community involvement
  • Internships and work assignments
  • Research
  • Extensive Travel
  • Veteran/Military Experience

On a resume, study abroad/international experiences are typically added to:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skills

Other areas where international experience may appear on a resume:

  • Internships or work-abroad → under Work Experience/Relevant Experience/Experience
  • Extensive travel or cultural experience → under its own category: Cultural and Travel Experience
  • International and cultural skills → under Summary of Qualifications, or under its own category

Example of Study Abroad on a Resume


Bachelor of Art in Global Studies

Expected June 2014

University of Washington Bothell
  • Cumulative GPA 3.7
  •  Awarded CUSP scholarship for Spring 2012
  •  On-campus student involvement and leadership within the Latino Student Union 

Study Abroad 

Summer 2013

Community Development in Zambia
  •  Fieldwork and research with Zambian citizens and health education community
  •     Developed cross-cultural communication skills through collaboration with Zambian students
  •     Enhanced global perspective through increased understanding of political, economic, and cultural issues faced by local populations


 Resume and Cover Letter Word Banks



Download the handout that will walk you through capturing your international experience on a resume.


Download PPT slides from the Marketing Your International Experience workshop.

Marketing Your International Experience Workshop


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