Global Across the Curriculum

Many courses across the UW Bothell curriculum and the research of our faculty emphasize a global perspective. One of our signature programs is the COIL Initiative, an effort to deepen global engagement of students in the classroom, without requiring travel abroad, by implementing online collaboration with international partners.

Degree Programs with Global or International Emphasis

Students wishing to emphasize a global perspective in their studies may choose from several majors and minors, such as:

COIL Fellows Program

Full-time faculty of all ranks and from all schools, interested in developing a course collaboration with an international partner, are invited to apply for this community of practice and course development funds in November.

To understand what it means to be a COIL Fellow learn more about the program here.

UW Bothell featured in Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook

“Embedding Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) at Higher Education Institutions”, authored by Jon Rubin with five other contributors, provides a history and overview of COIL pedagogy and features case studies from five early adopter institutions worldwide, including UW Bothell.

Read the entire article and explore the history of COIL here.