Fellows Programs

COIL Fellows

COIL is an approach to fostering global competence through development of a multicultural learning environment that links university classes in different countries. Using various online communication technologies, students from different countries complete shared assignments and projects, with faculty members from each country co-teaching and managing coursework.
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CELR Faculty Fellowship

Drawing from the well-established curriculum of the CBLR Fellowship and Diversity, Equity, Community Engagement (DECE) Fellowships, the CELR Fellows will support degree/course clusters of faculty in developing and implementing community engagement into courses. Spanning two years, Fellows complete training and engage in a community of practice.
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High Impact Practices for Pre-Major Students Fellowship

This fellowship is designed to support faculty who wish to develop High Impact Practice (HIP) assignments for lower division students. Learn more about the HIPS Fellowship.

Connected Learning Course Funds

This was a program that supported classes with funds to bring in guest speakers or cover special project costs. This program is now closed. View the funded courses.