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Spring Break 2024

Gender, Culture and Human Rights in India – Apply by Dec 12!

Led by Alka Kurian and Camille Walsh, IAS | 5 credits | $3,300 program fee
Engage with local community organizations to examine the systemic and interlocking structures of power and inequality in India. Using the lens of feminist and postcolonial perspectives on contemporary globalization, the program examines the ways in which historically embedded and modern-day internal and global conflicts, and forces of colonialism, neo-liberalism, capitalism, and Western imperialism, have resulted in the denial of fundamental rights of some of the most vulnerable sections of the Indian society. The 5-credit program begins with bi-weekly Winter Quarter classes on the Bothell campus, followed by two weeks of site visits in Delhi and Mumbai in India. Online assignments and three debrief meetings at UW Bothell will take place during Spring Quarter.
Submit your application by Dec 12.

MBA Global Study Tour to India

Led by Surya Pathak, Business | 4 credits of B BUS 591 | Tuition + ~$3,200 program fee
This course is designed to enhance student knowledge and appreciation for global leadership, business methods and models across cultures. Students will be introduced to Indian business culture and society by attending business presentations and tours, meeting with executives to gain deeper insights into the business practices and success factors in India.

Spring Quarter 2024

Ireland: Fieldwork in Health Promotion

Independent learning supervised by Jody Early and/or Andrea Stone, NHS | 0-12 credits
Health Studies or Nursing majors with junior or senior status can apply to complete their fieldwork requirement with a community organization in Ireland. Gain health promotion experience working with Irish organizations, faculty and students! During the same time, two Irish students will come to UW Bothell and get exposed to the community health work of Puget Sound area organizations.
This unique exchange opportunity is funded by an Erasmus+ grant from the European Union and conducted in partnership with the Southeastern Technical University in Waterford, Ireland. Participants will receive $3,500 towards lodging, airfare and food.
The application has closed.

Summer 2024: Apply by Jan 31

The Politics of Soccer in Spain and Beyond (Summer Term A)

Led by Ron Krabill, IAS | 12 credits | $5,460 program fee
Consider soccer as a political and cultural phenomenon, examining the ways in which the sport functions as a site for political contestation on local, regional, national, and international scales.  While Spain will be a key site of this exploration – with the women’s national team World Cup victory in 2023, the scandals and protests surrounding the Spanish federation’s leadership and its lack of support for women’s soccer, the recent successes of the men’s national team, and a famous rivalry between two of the best club teams in the world (with political overtones involving the Franco dictatorship and Catalonian independence) – the course will also explore the politics of soccer elsewhere, including human rights violations and corruption surrounding recent and future World Cups, the European Championships (Euros 2024) which will be occurring during the course, the upcoming Paris Olympics, and the exploitation of (often very young) athletes from across the globe.  This course will begin in Madrid and end in Barcelona, but the vast majority of the course will take place in León.

Read about the experiences of previous UW Bothell students on the program on the UWBGlobal.blog: Alina, Rico, and Rahwa, who shares advice for first-gen students considering study abroad.

Hyphen the World Virtual Internships in India (Summer A Term or Summer Quarter)

In partnership with Pravah in New Delhi, India | 0, 2 or 5 credits | $650 or $900 program fee
Complete a 4- or 9-week project on topics such as reproductive health, transgender rights, and youth leadership, in partnership with a youth-centered community organization in India. The commitment is part-time, 10-12 hours per week dedicated to the project and 2-3 hours per week of mentorship/ reflection activities for processing and deepening learning.

Early Fall 2024: Apply by Feb 15

All programs are 5 credits. Most program fees are ~$5,000​.

*** Note: These programs are still under development. Offerings will be finalized by the end of Autumn Quarter.***

Italy: Explorations of Science, Art & Architecture in Italy

Led by Andrew Abian, STEM-E&M

Japan: Japanese Popular Culture

Led by Hiroshi Miyamoto, IAS/FYPP

Japan: World War II through Film

Led by David Goldstein, IAS
Now close allies, Japan and the United States were bitterly at war during World War II, from the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that drew the United States into the war, to the American atomic bombs that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki and forced Japan to surrender. In this Exploration Seminar, we will study how each side depicted the other in its cinematic propaganda, and how documentary and feature films produced in Japan and in the United States after the war told the story of the conflict that changed world history. Through our examination of films and other popular media, we will pursue key questions: How did the Japanese and American governments muster public support for the war? How did the war and its aftermath, including the American occupation of Japan, forever change both nations? Why did the United States intern 120,000 Japanese Americans during the war? The program, in partnership with faculty and students at the University of Tokyo, will include a trip to the Peace Museum in Hiroshima, a city that literally arose from the ashes into a splendid, vibrant city, as well as visits to historical and cultural sites in and near Tokyo.

Jordan: Sustainable Biotechnology Skills-Based Collaborative Learning

Led by Salwa Al-Noori, STEM-Bio
This new program centers the strengths and challenges of refugee populations. It especially welcomes UW students who are recent immigrants and refugees themselves. Participants will engage with students from Hashemite University and the local refugee community in and around Amman. Together, they will explore career opportunities in the biotechnology sector and gain transferable skills.

New Zealand: Exploring Environmental Restoration in Aoteroa

Led by Avery Shinneman, IAS

Spain: Hacking the Future: ​Cybersecurity  and AI Challenges

Led by Mike Stiber and Jeff Kim, STEM-CSS
Spain’s membership in the EU and NATO presents opportunities for UW students to broaden their thinking beyond technology topics and beyond the context of US government and industry. Participants will engage with faculty and students from the University of Leon’s Research Institute of Applied Sciences in Cybersecurity, as well as local industry representatives, such as the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE). Working on case studies or technical challenges in small project teams consisting of pre-majors, CSS majors, and students from the local institution, they will apply their technical skills in an intercultural context. Company visits and guest lectures will explore current challenges in software development and expose students to career pathways.

Spain: Customer Satisfaction

Led by Sundar Balakrishnan, Business
This new program, located in Leon, Spain, deals with the big idea sweeping through companies: Managing the enterprise not as a collection of products and services, not as a group of territories, but as a portfolio of customers.  Students will explore the strength, magnitude, antecedents and consequences of customer relationships and examine the role of customer satisfaction in a market economy.

Thailand: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Southeast Asia

Led by James Reinnoldt, Business | 5 credits of BBUS 490
CSR refers to a company’s responsibility beyond its traditional shareholders; companies need to be responsive to the needs of a broader group of stakeholders that are directly and indirectly impacted by their actions: shareholders, consumers, employees, business partners, suppliers, and local communities. This program provides students with the opportunity to observe firsthand how companies in Thailand and Cambodia are responding to these challenges through CSR programs in partnerships with NGOs, government agencies and local communities. Housing in hotels with breakfast, a few other meals, and all local activities and excursions are included in the program fee.

Autumn Quarter 2024

***Note: This program is pending approval.***

Italy: Your Brain on Italy

Led by Pierre Mourad, STEM | 12 credits
Rome is one of the best places to experience life in all its wonder. This program focuses on art, architecture, the culture of food, and the Italian language, while simultaneously exploring how your brain and body facilitate the experience of life in Rome. Together, we hope that the ‘aesthetic experience’ of living in Italy, combined with your deepened understanding of how your experience it from a neurobiology perspective, will in turn given you a greater appreciation for that life as you live it in Italy, as well as upon your return home.

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