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What is the Capstone?

The final core requirement for advanced CSS students is a 10 credit (400 hour) capstone project. Most students elect to complete their capstone project by completing an internship with local industry. During the internship, students work in academically relevant, supervised positions enabling them to integrate classroom theory with practical work experience. Students gain an impressive resume of practical work experience, and employers find motivated, well-prepared students who excel as student employees and as future hires after graduation. Employers vary from small, local firms to multi-national corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Employer Considerations

  • Assignment must be challenging for an advanced CSS student and be considered a significant educational experience
  • Assignments should incorporate some of the general and advanced technical competencies listed on the Core and Advanced Technical Competencies website. They should require creative problem solving and not be limited to repetitive or routine tasks
  • Employers should demonstrate a genuine interest in integrating students as team members of their organization
  • Provide a committed supervisor for the student


By employing advanced CSS students, organizations receive the following benefits:

  • A proven, cost-effective method to meet both immediate and long-range human resources needs
  • An efficient means to recruit and train new employees
  • The opportunity to evaluate candidates under actual working conditions
  • The opportunity to hire energetic and enthusiastic employees
  • And an enriched relationship with UW Bothell and its students

Steps to Hiring a CSS Student

Contact CSS Internship Coordinator
Janet McDaniel

  • Provide a job description, and a contact person. Let the Internship Coordinator know how and where you want to receive resumes, and their deadlines
  • CSS will provide job advertising through a dedicated CSS student email list

Student Responsibilities

Students must write a proposal for a capstone contract that includes:

  • Detailed explanation of academic merit of the project
  • Specific development tools used
  • Detailed project plan including proposed deliverables and due dates
  • List of potential barriers and/or problems that may slow down or potential prevent the successful completion of the project
  • Methods and criteria for evaluation of project

Before starting the capstone project the student is responsible for signing the contract, and ensuring that the CSS faculty advisor and the capstone Sponsor sign the contract. The faculty advisor agrees to meet with the student and review academic work, support and guide the student during their internship, and evaluate the student’s performance.

Internship Brochure

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