Jardi Martinez

GCSDD ’21, MSCSSE student

What inspired you to choose the Graduate Certificate in Software Design & Development program at UW Bothell?

I was wanting to switch careers to Software Development. My main goal was to be able to keep my current job while attending classes, which I was able to do successfully in the GCSDD program. What also made this program attractive was that it would allow me to pursue a master’s degree in Computer Science & Software Engineering without having to go through a second bachelor’s program. I took advantage of that and I am currently a master’s student at UW Bothell.

Any big question you asked yourself before enrolling to make sure the program was right for you?

The main question I had was if the content of the curriculum would provide a good foundation for a successful career in Software Development. After some research I found the content to be very relevant both in the programming and engineering aspects of software development.

What would you say makes the program unique or innovative?

I thought that the engineering approach of the program was very successful, especially the inclusion of modern software development methodologies, modeling techniques, software metrics, and software testing and quality.

What are some highlights from your student experience?

I originally chose the in-person cohort, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic all classes were held remote. I thought the modality worked well in some aspects. The weekly group project discussion in a couple of the classes were especially memorable for me since they allowed for some meaningful discussion of the class topic. In these settings the lecture time served more as a conversation for discussing questions that arose during the group discussions. I thought that made learning easier and the material more memorable.

What courses did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed CSS 507 (Software Modeling Techniques) and CSS 508 (Software Testing and Quality) for the engineering side. CSS 503 (Systems Programming) was my favorite programming class.

What were the most challenging and rewarding parts of being a student?

The most challenging part for me was to balance school, my current job, and personal life. I guess that was also the most rewarding part, that in spite having a busy life with a family and full-time job I was able to successfully complete the program.

Do you have any advice for future students?

Time management is one of the most useful skills you can have. If you, like me, have a busy life you will need to be disciplined with the use of your time; the good news is that this skill will carry on to your work or graduate studies.

Where are you currently working, and what is your job title?

I am currently a Command and Control System Developer Intern at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

How has completing the graduate certificate program helped you in meeting your educational and professional career goals?

Completing the GCSDD program allowed me to get an internship as a Software Developer with NASA. It also gave me the opportunity to continue my education and pursue a master’s degree in Computer Science. It definitely provided the needed foundation for a career in Software Development, which is just starting, but I have the confidence that it will be a successful one.

What advice do you have for others regarding the career search during and post graduate certificate completion?

Networking is the best way to go about career search. Talk to your class mates and professors, and create solid, durable relationships. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

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