Hyung Kim, Associate Professor

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Location: UW2-316
Phone: 425-352-3652
Email: hjkim3@uw.edu


Dr. Hyung Kim earned his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, where he studied structures of environmentally relevant metal binding bio-compounds. He furthered his research on metalloprotein chemistry and cellular metal trafficking at the University of Minnesota Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics Department, and at the University of Utah School of Medicine during his postdoctoral studies. When possible, Dr. Kim strives to integrate research into the classroom curriculum to promote engagement, enhance learning, and introduce students to the joys of scientific research.


Dr. Kim’s research utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the enzymatic reactions of metalloproteins. His research focuses on proteins involved in key environmental processes, including ammonia and methane oxidation pathways, and their roles in the global green-house gas flux. His lab utilizes spectroscopic, biochemical, and molecular biology techniques to understand enzyme function at both the cellular and molecular levels.

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University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
Ph.D. Environmental Science
M.S. Environmental Science
B.A., Chemistry and Biochemistry

Teaching Interests

  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry