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Get Ready to Work Anywhere

Get ready to work anywhere

On this page you'll find information about preparing yourself to work from off-campus, including:

Virtual collaboration spaces

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Microsoft Teams

UW Office 365

UW Google G Suite 

Communicating within the UWB community

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Email & chat options

Phone options and alternatives

Video conferencing - hosting and attending virtual meetings

Securely accessing computing resources from off-campus

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UW-IT provided digital storage options:

 UWB-IT provided digital storage options:

Setting up your workspace technology

When setting up your work space, wherever you are, it's important to consider the following:

Technology Access

  • Taking technology off campus: Notify your school/department administrator or budget manager that you intend to take office technology home.
  • Procuring technology: Per campus policy, IT equipment purchases such as computers (laptops, tablets, desktops), printers, and software must be coordinated through UWB-IT to ensure security, privacy, and compliance; viability; and asset management.  Send technology requests to uwbit@uw.edu or submit a computer purchase request or software request form to start the technology procurement process. 
  • Software for your personal computer: UW-IT offers software for personally owned computers at reduced or no cast through the UW UWare program. This is available to all current staff, faculty, and students.

Internet Access 

Staying secure and compliant while working remote