Get Ready to Work Anywhere

On this page you’ll find information about preparing yourself to work from off-campus, including:

Virtual collaboration spaces

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Microsoft Teams

UW Office 365

UW Google G Suite

Communicating within the UWB community

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Email & chat options

Phone options and alternatives

Video conferencing – hosting and attending virtual meetings

Securely accessing computing resources from off-campus

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UW-IT provided digital storage options

UWB-IT provided digital storage options

Setting up your workspace technology

When setting up your work space, wherever you are, it’s important to consider the following:

Technology Access

  • Taking technology off campus: Notify your school/department administrator or budget manager that you intend to take office technology home.
  • Procuring technology: Per campus policy, IT equipment purchases such as computers (laptops, tablets, desktops), printers, and software must be coordinated through UWB-IT to ensure security, privacy, and compliance; viability; and asset management. Send technology requests to or submit a computer purchase request or software request form to start the technology procurement process.
  • Software for your personal computer: UW-IT offers software for personally owned computers at reduced or no cast through the UW UWare program. This is available to all current staff, faculty, and students.

Internet Access

  • If you have internet access questions, please contact your School/Department administrator.
  • Internet connectivity tips and resources for learning, teaching, and working remotely.
  • Dealing with low bandwidth at home.

Staying secure and compliant while working remote