Usability Studio (DISC 167)

Usability & Production Studio

Space reservations take up to 72 hours to process (Business Days) – No Exceptions! Please plan ahead of time to guarantee access. Due to security rules and regulations there is no way to do same day reservations!

Studio access policy

Access to Usability Studio in Discovery Hall (DISC) is available for students who have a demonstrated academic need.

  • Students must be registered for at least one credit during the current quarter.
  • During break periods, students must be registered for at least one credit the following quarter.

Studio policies

Please read the below policies prior to submitting a request:

  • Studio access is granted on a quarterly basis.
  • The building coordinator is the access controller for the studio and has the authority to approve or deny requests. When the building coordinator approves requests, they will forward them to Campus Safety.
  • There is no staff support for this room. Lab is only re-set every 4-6 weeks.
  • Information Technologies and DLI are not able to support training requests, technical support, or room access issues (please visit security for card access after you are added to the calendar).
  • If you have issues or concerns, with 167 and 169 that need addressing, please email Salem Levesque at Emails will be addressed at times of reset (see above).

Access request form

Students who wish to access the Usability Studio may do so by filling out the Access Request Form below. Prior to submitting the form, please read the following expectations:

  • Requests must be submitted three business days prior to requested date.
  • There is no support or technical assistance for these rooms – see below!
  • Please keep rooms clean so others can use them without obstacles.

Usability Studio Access Form

Additional studio information

  • Campus Safety will program students’ Husky Cards for access to the studio as specified in email requests from the building coordinator.
  • Access may be revoked at any time, and misuse or failure to comply with this policy may result in immediate suspension of access privileges.
    • Access to the studio is tracked electronically and is granted for academic use only. Using the studio as a recreation space and inviting in unauthorized people are prohibited.
    • Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to Campus Safety at 425-352-5359.
  • Students who have been granted access to the studio must carry their Husky Card at all times.
    • For the security of our students, Campus Safety officers monitor the facility.
    • Individuals who have not been given access will be asked to leave the studio.
    • Students are responsible for the security of their own cards. Lending Husky Cards to other people, including other people with authorized studio access, is prohibited.
    • Campus Safety can provide access to students who have temporarily misplaced their cards, so long as they are authorized for access according to Campus Safety’s records, and so long as the students do not misplace their cards on a regular basis.
  • All students working in the Usability Studio must maintain quiet, refrain from tampering with furniture and equipment, and follow all regulations established for each room and lab.
    • Rules are posted in the studio.
    • Students are expected to keep public spaces clean, safe, and workable for themselves and others.

Usability Studio Calendar

If you’d like to reserve the space, please check the Studio availability calendar and go to the Usability Studio Access page to submit your request.

Send questions to the UWB-IT Help Desk at or Christy Cherrier, STEM Science Lab Manager, at