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Our Digital Learning team offers a number of workshops throughout the year. See workshops descriptions on this page. To find current offerings and registration links, see our IT Workshops & Events page.
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Workshop topics

Introduction to Canvas

Welcome to UW Bothell! This is a chance to learn about Canvas and how to use it effectively in your face-to-face, hybrid, or online courses. It is also a time to meet our staff and see how we can help you!

Canvas refresher

Do you need some Canvas questions answered? Maybe you want to try something new this quarter? This workshop covers some slightly more advanced Canvas topics and allows for plenty of time for Q&A.

Canvas discussions

This session will cover Canvas discussion options, time-saving techniques, and recommendations to promote engagement in your students.

Panopto basics

This session covers the basics of using Panopto both in a classroom and at home for capturing lectures and other types of videos.

Using Panopto quizzes

This session will cover the built-in quizzing features in Panopto to create low-stakes assessments that promote student learning and engagement.

Zoom tips and tricks

This session offers an introduction to Zoom features and best practices on using Zoom. We will address things like enabling automatic captioning for better learning, securing Zoom sessions to prevent Zoom bombing, setting up break-out rooms ahead of class, sharing a portion of your screen to facilitate continuous viewing of things like the chat and attendees windows, using polling and much more.

Tips for scheduling virtual events with Zoom Meetings

This session offers a review of Zoom features and tips when scheduling events using your Zoom Pro account. We will address things like enabling automatic captioning for better engagement, securing Zoom sessions to prevent Zoom bombing, setting up break-out rooms ahead of events, using polling, using the Zoom registration option, spotlighting speakers and creating a welcoming environment for your event.

Poll Everywhere in the classroom

Poll Everywhere offers a number of polling types and allows for shared question banks. Learn how to use Poll Everywhere effectively in your online, hybrid and in-person class and provide more class interaction and low stakes assessments to promote student learning.

Accessibility basics for course content

Having accessible content from the start makes content ready for most students. This session will cover recommended universal design practices for MS Office documents, Canvas content, multimedia, and PDFs.

Using with Canvas

The social annotation tool is now integrated into Canvas. allows students to take notes in the margins of digital texts, read and add on to their peers’ notes, and respond to discussion questions right on top of the document being discussed.

The new integration allows faculty to see the student annotations in the Canvas SpeedGrader similar to how discussion posts are seen. This makes grading the work easier for faculty while maintaining the rich features found in


Our Digital Learning team offers a myriad of services to our faculty and staff at UW Bothell outlined in this section. For more information, send us a request to

Photography and imaging

Digital Learning provides photography and imaging services to UW Bothell staff and faculty. Everything from formal and informal headshots, events, and copy work are available.

Video production

Learning can be a visual experience, and Digital Learning is here to help. Record welcome videos, create shorts that augment a class, or produce whole lessons using tools like Learning Glass. Contact us to get started with this collaborative process.

Accessibility assessments

Would you like to get feedback and assistance with the accessibility and usability of course syllabus or course files? Contact us for a consultation.

Course design

Connect with our instructional designer to brainstorm and create welcoming and engaging Canvas courses. Learn more about instructional design at UW Bothell.

Multimedia consultation

Interested in incorporating multimedia into your course work? We can help!

Online or hybrid teaching

Our team is trained and certified in Quality Matters rubric for Higher Ed and can assist you in designing your course, aligning your learning outcomes with course content, and teaching online.

Have questions?

Our Digital Learning team is available to help with elearning, teaching tools, course design, multimedia production, pedagogies, accessibility, and much more. Have questions? Contact us at, 425.352.3906, or connect directly with a team member!