Information Technology

The Digital Media Lab (UW2-121)

The Digital Media Lab is currently closed ""

The Digital Media Lab (DML), located in UW2-121, is equipped with 24 iMac computers. Each computer contains professional and novice level digital media editing software.

The DML is intended for both classroom instruction as well as serving as an open lab space for students, faculty, and staff to drop in and work on digital media-related projects.

Lab hours


If you are interested in booking the lab for media-related course activities, you may do so through UW Bothell's room reservation system. Be sure to review the room schedule before making a classroom reservation request.

Room schedule calendar

  • If you intend to use the DML (UW2-121) please check this calendar daily for classroom reservations.
  • Use the arrow buttons ( [<] and [>] above the calendar to check upcoming availability.
  • If you are working in the Digital Media Lab (UW2-121) please be prepared to save and close out your workstation 15 minutes before the next scheduled class reservation.