Information Technologies


Information Technologies

Information Technologies (IT) provides a broad array of central technology services in support of the UW Bothell campus mission. As the central technology group for UW Bothell, IT serves as a first stop for most campus technology-related requests.

IT Leadership

IT is led by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technologies (AVCIT), who maintains a close-knit leadership team that represents all the areas in IT. The leadership team meets regularly and often and collaborates on virtually all technology initiatives on a daily basis.

The AVCIT reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for Planning & Administration and works closely with other Academic Services units (Teaching and Learning Center and the Campus Library) towards the strategic alignment of technology services with UW Bothell's vision of academic excellence.

IT Structure

Collaboration, both internal and external, is one of IT's most important values. The organizational structure of the department is designed to bring together the best thinking and expertise from among UW Bothell's technology professionals.

IT is made up of four primary organizational units; the directors of these four units comprise the core of the IT Leadership Team described above: Learning Technologies, IT Planning and Administration, IT Services, and IT Operations.

IT Planning & Administration

IT Planning and Administration focuses on planning, decision support, and managing processes and resources that are central to all IT units, including inventory, budget, projects and computer administration.

IT Services

IT Services delivers most of the public-facing technology services offered by IT and coordinates integrated services for Learning Technologies and IT Operations. IT Services is comprised of five functional units:

The Helpdesk

The single point of contact for all services offered by IT. The Helpdesk's goal is to make technology service requests as seamless and easy as possible for our clients. Provides circulating equipment service for all UW Bothell faculty, staff, and students to complete their academic and university work.

Computing and Tech Support (CaTS) 

Provides desktop computing support for all UW Bothell-owned computers, including faculty/staff office computers, classrooms, labs, and more. CATS is responsible for new computers, software, peripherals, and helps clients use UW Bothell's online resources as well.

Classroom and Event Support (CES)

Manages and supports UW Bothell's presentation technologies, both for instruction and special events. They also provide quick-response in-person technical support for instructors in class, infrastructural equipment replacement, training, and videoconferencing support.

Administrative Services

Responsible for most UW Bothell technology purchasing and asset management as well as internal administrative support for records, personnel, and more.

ELC Support

A niche operation that is in partnership with UW Bothell Business Program; support is dedicated to providing technology services for the Eastside Leadership Center in Bellevue, WA.

IT Operations

IT Operations manages most of the "back end" technology infrastructure that makes everything in the IT world work at UW Bothell. IT Operations is comprised of three units: Network Operations, Web Services, and Database Services.

Network Operations (NetOps)

Manages the UW Bothell Data Center and all of our local servers. NetOps also provides support and development for enterprise-level academic and administrative applications, such as the campus email system and learning management system.

Enterprise Services Delivery Team (ESDT)

Supports and develops the backbone of critical systems such as the campus website and other UW Bothell online applications.

Database Services

Provides support and consultation for enterprise-level data management needs and coordination with UW Seattle for data sharing and access.