Accessing UWB Fileservers

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Accessing UWB Fileservers

For instructions for MacOS, please see Accessing UWB Fileservers for Mac computers.

Off-Campus Access

How to add a UWB fileshare drive to your desktop

  1. Open File Explorer by clicking your folder icon or type in "file explorer" in the Windows Search field on the taskbar, then click on File Explorer.

  2. Select This PC from the Navigation Pane of the window
  3. Click the Computer tab on the Ribbon to change options
  4. Click Map network drive

  5. When the Map Network Drive dialogue window opens, select the drive letter that you would like to use and enter the path to the network folder.
    For the Departments folder, select the letter W:
  6. For the Folder path, enter: "\\\departments" without the quotation marks.

    Note: If you are logging into your computer with an account different from the one that was granted access rights, select the Connect using different credentials box
  7. Click Finish.

  8. You may see a Windows Security dialogue window prompting you for credentials.

    If access rights were granted for your UWB Access Account:
    Enter your UWB Access Account username followed by @uwb, and the associated password.

    If access rights were granted for your NetID Account:
    Enter in your NetID username followed by @netid, and the associated password.

    Click OK to finish.

  9. You should now be able to see the network drives that you have just mapped by clicking on This PC.

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