Printing Services

Printing/Scanning/Copying Services

The printing service provides geographically distributed, multi-function printing/scanning/copying (Ricoh) devices and support for those devices across the UWB campus. This is a contract service via Managed Print Services at UW Seattle. For UWB print management policy, please visit this link.

Any UWB faculty and staff can print to any contract printer on campus using their User Code. Toner and paper are included as part of this service. The printing service (and pricing) are reviewed annually to ensure service sustainability.

Features may include (based on model)

  • Locked print (release jobs at printer for secure printing)
  • Multi-drawer capabilities (addresses various paper sizes)
  • Bypass trays (for labels, special paper, letterhead)
  • Finisher (stabling, collating, hole punch, folding)
  • Scanners with high capacity feeders
  • Black and White / Color
  • Automatic document feeder

This service supports UW’s sustainability goals and the UW/State of Washington paper reduction initiative: reducing paper, toner, and energy usage.

This service supports UWB’s collaboration principles.


UWB faculty; UWB staff


Below is the breakdown of per page printing cost. Effective July 1st, 2019, the rates will be updated to FY2020.

Print TypeFiscal 2019 RatesFiscal 2020 Rates
Black and White$0.06/page$0.07/page

Requesting a Printer

UWB is moving away from individual printers, however you can request a printing assessment by contacting the UWB IT Helpdesk at or 425-352-3456. An assessment will take into account multiple factors including: ADA compliance, proximity, sustainability (environmental and financial), and location.

Ricoh Printers BIlling

Fiscal and Audit Services (FAS) bills all campus units/departments for User Codes used for printing/copying on all Ricoh printers. Departments/Units are billed following month once the current month closes. For billing questions, please email at

Requesting a (Printing) User Code

User Codes are required to print to any contract printer and are issued and maintained by FAS. Check with your school or department to obtain a user code.

New, additional, or a request to remove User Codes can be requested by completing this form and sending it to Fiscal and Audit Services at Budget authority is required to make this request.

Non-UWB IT Purchased Printers

Non-contract printers (and print queues) will no longer be authorized or supported by the campus due to support and maintenance costs; existing non-contract printers will be phased out. Faculty and staff are expected to use the more economical multi-function printer/scanners/copiers that are located across campus. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the CIO and Facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs can be found at this link.


For device service support, special-function printing, or to request a printer/scanner/copier assessment in a particular location, please contact the UWB IT Helpdesk at or 425-352-3456.

For paper, toner and other consumables replacement supplies, please contact the UWB Mailroom at or 425-352-5491.