Printing FAQ

Printing Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a contract printer near me?

Click here to find all contract printers on campus.

What happens if the printer/copier/scanner is out of paper, toner or other consumables?

Contact the UWB Mailroom at or 425-352-5491.

How do I request a printer?

UWB is moving away from individual printers, however you can request a printing assessment by contacting the UWB IT Helpdesk at or 425-352-3456. An assessment will take into account multiple factors including: ADA compliance, proximity, sustainability (environmental and financial), and location.

Which printers can I print to?

Any UWB faculty and staff can print to any contract (Ricoh) printer on campus using their user code.

Can student employees print to these printers?

Yes, student employees can use the school/unit user code to print as needed for their job. Students must use Dawg Prints for personal or school work printing.

What printing options are available for students?

Students can use UW’s Dawg Prints which is available in the UWB/CC Library, the Beardslee Building, and the Eastside Leadership Center in Bellevue. Note, color printing is only available in the UWB/CC Library.

Why is UWB moving to managed printer/scanner/copier services?

  • School/Unit Time savings
    • Staff no longer have to procure and track paper and toner.
  • Increased access for staff & faculty
    • User codes can be used with any campus contract printer/copier/scanner.
  • Easier usage and cost visibility
    • Schools/Units can more easily track printing usage and costs with codes.
  • Operational Efficiencies
    • Leverages existing UW services, so UW Seattle manages the contracts and payments to the vendor.
  • Support savings
    • Standard models, contracted service and maintenance.
  • Increases Sustainability
    • Helps reduce paper, toner, and energy use in line with Substitute House Bill 2287 (directing all state agencies to reduce paper consumption.
    • Faculty and staff are also encouraged to make meeting and training materials available digitally and in advance to further reduce paper consumption.