Print Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is improve printer/copier/scanner device support via standard, geographically distributed, multi-function devices; in line with Substitute House Bill 2287 (directing state agencies to reduce paper consumption) and supporting UW’s sustainability and paper reduction goals including reducing paper, toner, and energy use; supporting UWB’s Collaboration Principles; and create a sustainable service.


  • Contract printers through Managed Print Services at UW Seattle are the principal mechanism for providing printing/copier/scanner services to faculty and staff on campus.
  • A defined assessment criteria and process will be utilized when making decisions on placement and changes to print devices and locations.
  • Any exception to these guidelines, including the purchase of special-purpose printers (e.g., transcripts, ID cards, plotters) must be approved by the CIO and Facilities.

Non-contract printers (and print queues) will no longer be authorized due to support and maintenance costs and sustainability considerations; existing non-contract printers will be phased out. Faculty and staff are expected to use the more economical multi-function printer/copier/scanners that are located across campus.