Faculty Funds

Faculty Success Program

The UW Office for Faculty Advancement offers partial support for faculty to participate in the NCFDD Spring Faculty Success program. The UW Bothell Office of Faculty Success will provide two-thirds of the required tuition for three UWB faculty annually on a cost-sharing basis with the UW Office for Faculty Advancement. For more information about the program and application process, please visit the UW Office of Faculty Advancement’s Faculty Success Program.

Professional Well-Being Funds

The ‘Professional Well-Being Support for Faculty, Librarians, and Academic Staff Experiencing Systemic Inequity in Higher Education’ initiative was established in 2020 by the VCAA’s office to aid underrepresented faculty, librarians, and academic staff. Funding is open to all, including those in administrative roles. It supports individual well-being through community building, networking, and leadership development. For more information, view the guidelines and pre-approval form.

UW Bothell Methods Exploration and Enhancement Award

The UW Bothell Methods Exploration and Enhancement Award, offering seven awards annually, supports full-time UW Bothell faculty in enhancing their research, teaching, or creative practice methods. The funds can be utilized for methods workshops or honorariums to consultants with methodological expertise. Visit the award webpage for more information.

UW Bothell Midcareer Faculty Fellowship

The Midcareer Faculty Fellowship, with four annual awards, is a competitive fellowship supporting associate tenured and teaching professors at UW Bothell. Aimed at those whose progress toward promotion has slowed due to intensive service or teaching responsibilities, recipients are provided a scholarship-focused quarter with one course release during the quarter with the lowest teaching load. The fellowship may be scheduled in conjunction with an approved sabbatical leave. Visit the award webpage for more information.

UW Bothell Publication and Production Award

The UW Bothell Publication and Production Award offers 12 annual awards to professorial track faculty and artists-in-residence at UW Bothell. These awards, available in fall and spring quarters, aim to support scholarly, creative, and artistic publications and productions. Eligible faculty, including those in tenure, teaching, research, and WOT tracks, can apply for supplemental funds if they have a formal contract for a book, exhibition, or production, or official acceptance for a journal article. The funds cover various expenses such as indexing, translations, copyright permissions, space rental and display equipment. Visit the award webpage for more information.

UW Bothell Summer Reading Group

The Summer Reading Group offers two annual awards (one teaching-focused, one scholarship-focused), providing an opportunity for faculty groups to engage in shared scholarship or teaching interests. Participants review and discuss relevant scholarship during the funding term, fostering potential collaborations and larger-scale projects. The focus is on catching up on new scholarship or teaching in a shared area of interest. Award funds can be applied towards salary, with benefits deducted, or as support for teaching or scholarship. Visit the award webpage for more information.