The Office of Research


Our mission

The Mission of the University of Washington Bothell Office of Research is to promote, support, and build research capacity and expertise at UW Bothell. We believe this leads to enriched learning and continual intellectual revitalization of the campus environment for students, faculty, and staff.



School of STEM Summer 2018 Symposium
Friday, August 17, 11am-4pm


Computing-and-Software-Systems.JPGCSS Division
Poster Presentations: DH 152, 1 – 2pm
Oral Presentations: UW1 202, UW1 210, UW1 220, UW1 221, 2:30– 4pm


Electrical Engineering Division

Poster Presentations: DH 162, 1 – 2pm
Oral Presentations: DH 061, DH 162, 2:30pm – 4pm


Biological Sciences Division
Poster Presentations: DH 252, 11am – 12pm
Oral Presentations: DH, 2nd Floor, 1 – 2pm


Physical Sciences Division

Oral Presentations: Disc 252, 12:05 – 12:25pm
Poster Presentations: DH, 2nd Floor, 1 – 2pm



""UW Bothell Herbarium

The UW Bothell Herbarium provides a critical authoritative record of plants occurring in the campus wetland and the greater North Creek Basin. As the vegetation changes through time in the wetland it will form a reliable record to help us and future researchers understand biological and habitat change in one of our regions’ preeminent floodplain restoration projects.
In 2016, the Office of Research began supporting the herbarium efforts. By teaming up with the Burke Herbarium (UW Seattle), the collection will be accessible online in late 2017. Please contact Sarah Verlinde ( if you’re interested in donating, volunteering, studying, or taking a tour.



UW Bothell Clean Room""

The University of Washington Bothell is one of the only universities in the area offering the unique feature of a clean room. A clean room has low levels of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors - making it vital to manufacturing. At UW Bothell, you'll find many of our electrical engineering undergraduates, graduates, and certificate students in the clean room, learning with hands-on training in a real-world work setting. Sound interesting? Check out our electrical engineering programs here!

Read UW Bothell News article on the clean room.




Infographic on how to submit a grant timeline

View Submitting a Grant text here.