Academic Alerts & CARE team

Academic Alerts (via Navigate)

What are Academic Alerts?

Academic Alerts are how faculty, advisors, and student support staff work together to support students. The platform we use for Academic Alerts at UWB is called Navigate. Navigate is a communications platform where students can schedule appointments across campus, and where faculty, advisors, and support staff can collaborate with each other to efficiently to connect students with the support they need to succeed at UWB.

What will prompt an Academic Alert?

Faculty, advisors, or staff may issue an Academic Alert if they see a need to alert the campus coordinated care units to support a student. In many classes–especially those designed for first-year students–advisors may request a “Progress Report” for the entire class from the professor. This is essentially a request for an Academic Alert to be issued on any student in the class that meets the advisor’s “Progress Report” request criteria. Academic Alerts might be issued for reasons such as poor class attendance, low grades, or behavior affecting academic performance. Academic Alerts may also be issued for notable achievements, to refer students to academic support services, or to issue “kudos” for excellent work in class.

How do I use Navigate?

It’s easy! Go to and log in with your NetID. Once there, you can issue an Academic Alert for a student or complete a Progress Report for a class.

CARE team

There is a different procedure for accessing non-academic support that falls into the following categories. To contact the CARE team, please visit their website for the following services:

  • UWB Student Emergency Award
  • Bias Support Team (Incidents of bias or perceived bias toward you, or you observe an incident of bias or perceived bias toward others)
  • CARE Team (Concern for student’s well-being; financial or situational crisis; significant change in student’s behavior; or disruptive of learning, living, or work environment)
  • Student Conduct Office (Academic or Behavioral misconduct)
  • UWB Victim Advocate Services (Student has experienced sexual misconduct, sexual assault, relationship violence, domestic violence, stalking, sexual harassment or other related experiences, or student is unsure about an experience and wants a confidential advocate to provide support)

Who can contact the CARE team?

Anyone–faculty, staff, parents, and students–who has concerns about the well-being of a UW Bothell student.

What can I expect when I contact a member of the CARE team?

  • A response within one business day (if received before 5pm)
  • Private consultation and guidance regarding your concerns
  • Knowledge that your concerns will be well-addressed


Please call SafeCampus when your concerns have to do with preventing violence, such as potential threats to the safety of anyone on our campus: (425) 352-SAFE (7233).

  • Still unsure? Don’t worry. Just make the call. They will appreciate your concern and will be happy to assist you.