Managing UW Zoom Features

Managing UW Zoom Features

UW Zoom has a multitude of settings available through their web portal. This page will help guide you through popular Zoom settings and how to enable/disable features for the next meeting you’re hosting.

Note: With the exception of screen share (which also controls annotation and whiteboard), turning these features on makes them available to everyone in your Zoom meeting.

Popular functions highlighted on this page:

Enabling & Disabling UW Zoom Features

  1. Login to the UW web portal here and then select your appropriate zoom account (standard or HIPAA)
  2. In the left sidebar, click Settings, and then click In Meeting (Basic).
  3. Scroll down to find the setting you want to turn on or off (or press CTRL+F / Command+F and search for “Screen sharing,” “Chat,” “Whiteboard,” “Polling,” or “Annotation,”).
  4. Toggle on/off your chosen setting(s).


Allow meeting participants to send a message visible to all participants. If you do enable chat, UW-IT strongly recommends that you leave private chat between participants disabled.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing allows the host and participants to share their screen or content during meetings. To allow others to share their screen during your hosted meetings, select All Participants.


Allow participants to share whiteboard during a meeting.


Allow participants to use annotation tools to add information to shared screens.

Previously, the Annotation button appeared in the bottom menu bar. Now it will appear in a menu bar at the top of your screen when you share your screen. [1] You can share anything annotated by clicking the “Save” button in the menu bar at the top of your screen. [2]


Add “Polls” to the meeting controls. This allows the host to survey the attendees.

Require UW Authentication

The participants need to authenticate with their UW NetID prior to joining the meetings. If you need to have meetings with people outside of UW, you will need to turn this function off.

Breakout rooms

Allows the host to split meeting participants into separate, smaller “rooms”. Great for small group discussions without leaving the primary Zoom meeting.

Waiting room

When the Waiting room is enable, attendees cannot join a meeting until a host admits them individually from the waiting room. If Waiting room is enabled, the option for attendees to join the meeting before the host arrives is automatically disabled.