3/6/24 – UW-IT Releases Update for Duo (2FA)

UW-IT is releasing an update to Duo for two-factor authentication (2FA) for members of the UW community who are currently using Duo with their UW NetID sign-ins.

What’s changing and why

Starting March 5, 2024, 2FA Duo will look different and behave a little differently on both computer and mobile-device browsers. We want you to know this is legitimately a UW change to enhance security, and what to expect as you use 2FA going forward.

Where you’ll encounter changes

  • When you sign into UW apps/services that require your UW NetID, Duo’s authentication will look different when it prompts you to verify your identity. Affected sign-ins include wikis, Canvas, Office 365, Husky OnNet VPN, Workday, UW Google and many others.
  • The web address in your browser will contain ‘duosecurity.com.’ This is also new, and should be expected.
  • Please have your 2FA device with you on March 5; this is in case you are prompted to verify your identity. You would simply need to re-establish your 30-day “remember me” period.
  • You may need to change to your preferred prompt
  • You have previously chosen your preferred prompt method for 2FA. For example, many members of the UW community use Duo mobile and set “push” notifications as their default method.

When you go to sign into an applicable system after March 5, Duo will prompt you to use your last-used method. However, for your first sign-in after the update, Duo may choose a method you don’t typically use. If that happens, you can choose your preferred notification method via “other options.”

More info on IT Connect

Thank you, as always, for helping the University secure its data and your personal information.