12/21/20 – Opt-in to 2FA for the web

Opt-in to two-factor authentication (2FA) for the web

Please opt-in to Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on the web to keep UW data and assets secure. Once you follow the link, it takes less than 5 minutes and uses the same application (DUO) that UW uses for Workday.

You are already using 2FA to access Workday for your payroll and benefits records. This opt-in will simply allow you to use the same, familiar application (DUO) to access your online UW resources.

What you need to do:

  • Visit UW-IT’s page, Opt in to use 2FA on the web
  • Scroll down to the heading Instructions
  • Follow the instructions to opt in to using 2FA on the web!

What to expect:

  • Remember to keep your 2FA device with you. Once you have opted in, 2FA will be required when you sign in with your UW NetID on the web.
  • If you use a smartphone as your 2FA device, please use Duo’s “Send me a push” option, rather than “Call me.” Using the “Send me a push” option is more cost effective for the University.
  • Some desktop and mobile apps — UW Office 365, Zoom, Husky OnNet, Google Drive, and others — will require 2FA. These apps rely on the web for signing in with UW NetID, and therefore they will require 2FA.
  • UW Office 365 desktop or mobile apps may take an hour or longer after you opt in before these apps start using 2FA with your UW NetID.
  • Use the “remember me” and “keep me signed in” (Microsoft sign-in) features on trusted computers to reduce how often you have to use 2FA on the same web browser.


Thank you for your help keeping us all more secure.