Salary negotiation

Be money smart

Not only do you want to make sure you are earning the salary you deserve, but you will also want to understand what other benefits and costs are associated with that great job you landed. Research the salary trends and know what to expect when it comes to the hidden financial decisions that surround your career decisions.

Budgeting & salary

Creating a budget is necessary to make good decisions on salary needs; calculate yours on PayScale.


For more information regarding finances, visit the UW Student Fiscal Services page.


Knowing your credit score and history is important for your financial planning and avoiding identity theft and fraud. is the only source for free credit reports authorized by Federal law.

Salary negotiation strategies

Here’s a secret: employers rarely make their best offer first, and those who negotiate generally earn much more than those who don’t. And a well-thought-out negotiation makes you look like a stronger candidate and employee.

We found that those people who attempted to negotiate their salary in a constructive way are perceived as more favorable than those who didn't negotiate at all, because they were demonstrating the skills the company wanted to hire them for

Robin Pinkley

co-author of Get Paid What You're Worth and an associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business

Once you receive a job offer, you are faced with a difficult decision and must evaluate the offer carefully. Fortunately, most organizations will not expect you to accept or reject an offer immediately.

There are many issues to consider when assessing a job offer. Will the organization be a good place to work? Will the job be interesting? Are there opportunities for advancement? Is the salary fair? Does the employer offer good benefits? If you have not already figured out exactly what you want, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics may help you to develop a set of criteria for judging job offers.

You too can start laying the groundwork for your salary negotiation even before the first interview. Here’s a step-by-step guide to negotiating a great salary by Kim Lankford, Monster Contributing Writer.

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