Pharmacists dispense medications prescribed by health practitioners and are experts in educating patients and practitioners on drug selection, dosage, side effects, etc. Preparing yourself to apply to pharmacy school involves a lot of planning and hard work. Pre-pharmacy students must focus on completing prerequisite courses, getting good grades in all of your courses, and gaining experience in the field (through work, volunteering, and shadowing).

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Primary Applications

  1. Check your programs’ requirements to determine whether or not a test is required. The PCAT is being retired after the 2023-2024 cycle; No pharmacy schools currently require the PCAT for admission. Please visit the PCAT and Other Tests page to determine whether a pharmacy school will consider the PCAT in the current admissions process.
  2. Most pharmacy programs use the PHARMCAS application service. In addition, the two programs in Washington state require supplemental applications:
    • UW Admissions Info: Standard applications due May 1. December 1 is the preferred due date. Check web site for early decision application date. In addition, students must submit the online supplemental application directly to the UW School of Pharmacy.
    • WSU Admissions Info: Standard applications due February 1. Check web site for early decision application date.

Visit the Apply page for more on prerequisite coursework and grades, transcripts, activities, personal statements and letters of recommendation in general.

Secondary Applications

When invited, prepare for interviews, which are scheduled from January through March. Notification letters are sent from February through May.


PHARMCAS application service

PharmCAS Infographic on applying to Pharmacy School

Most pharmacy schools will conduct interviews as part of the secondary application process. Students are advised to prepare for their interviews by scheduling a mock interview with the Health Professions & Natural Science Pathways Manager. Students should also become familiar with the type of questions that may be asked during their interview.