In-Person Event Planning Checklist for Student Clubs

8 Weeks before the event

Eight weeks is the minimum amount of time to plan your event. Starting earlier is recommended especially when working with employers, alumni, and other outside partners. It takes time to find people who can participate in your event.

  • Type of event? (panels, presentations, workshops, networking, etc.)
  • Select event date, time and location
  • Contact presenters
  • Accommodations? [food (allowed at this time), equipment, room reservations etc.]
  • Submit Room Reservation Request
  • Clubs interested in a co-sponsorship should contact Student Outreach Coordinators at
  • Create a budget
  • Contact caterer (if necessary) – Not allowed at this time
  • Submit Food Form – Not needed at this time

6 Weeks

  • Create a marketing plan
  • Start designing posters and/or social media posts
  • Finalize budget
  • Determine supplies and equipment needed for the event – buy or reserve
  • Assign tasks to each member of the planning team

4 Weeks

2 Weeks

  • Follow up with presenters -provide logistics (e.g. agenda, location, set-up time, parking etc.)
  • Discuss final plans with caterer (if necessary) – Not at this time

Week of the event

  • Double-check does everyone knows their own responsibility on the day of event
  • Send reminder to presenter
  • Confirm time of arrival for caterer – Not at this time

Day of the event

  • Arrive early
  • Set-up
  • Ensure all IT equipment is working properly
  • Tear-down

Week after the event

  • Send out thank-you notes
  • Evaluate the event
  • Take notes for next year or similar event
  • Send student attendance numbers and the number of employers and/or alumni to the SOC at