The Career Decision Pyramid

Where are you in the career decision-making process?

The pyramid will help identify your personal level of career clarity and the resources and services that can assist you in progressing toward a career decision.

To use the pyramid, review the following five career decision-making levels. Select the statement that best represents your situation, then take advantage of the UW Bothell career resources and services listed below each level.

Take action – Internships are a great way to build applicable work experience to support your degree of choice. They help you to bridge your academic experience with the world of work and to try out different career options to find a good fit. Make an appointment to find the internship that best suits you.

Observe – Informational interviews and job shadowing are a great way to learn more about a career in which you are interested. Have a richer discussion by preparing questions ahead of time (our informational interview page has a list of sample questions).

Talk with industry professionals – Speak with professionals or members of your industry of interest and discuss the details involved in their career. Watch videos with Candid Career to see what professionals have to say about their work. Explore your career interests with Vault guides or research on your own.

Do your research – Learn about common career paths with “What Can I Do With This Major“, which shows occupations and steps to be successful in the industry. Use LinkedIn to find alumni connections and research careers. If you have a career field in mind, take advantage of our career information system WOIS or research with the U.S. Department of Labor.

Self-exploration – Take a free career interest assessment through MyNextMove. Complete activities in the UW Career Guide to identify which careers align with your work values, skills, and interests. Browse the WOIS career information system for details about careers of interest.