2011 DTA recipient

Sundar Balakrishnan, Professor, Business

Recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Teaching Award

The University of Washington Bothell is pleased to announce Dr. P.V. (Sundar) Balakrishnan as the recipient of our 2011 Distinguished Teaching Award.

Professor Balakrishnan consistently demonstrates genuine concern about student learning, and is a demanding, well-liked teacher with an exemplary record in the Business Program.

Dr. Balakrishnan joined the UW Bothell faculty in 1994 as an Assistant Professor in the Business Administration Program. During this time he has taught courses in Business Operations, Research, with a heavy emphasis on Marketing Management. Professor Balakrishnan served as Acting Director of the Business Administration Program from 1998 to 2000. He previously served on the faculties of University of Chicago, Ohio State University, and as a graduate research assistant at the Wharton School and the University of Texas at Arlington.

In addition to his teaching and mentorship, Dr. Balakrishnan is a distinguished researcher and professional reviewer

His research papers have appeared in Management Science, Journal of Consumer Research, Psychometrika, Decision Support Systems, Economics Letters, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, International Journal of Conflict Management, Journal of Direct Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Health Care Marketing, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics and the European Journal of Operational Research among others.

Yet ultimately, it is what the students have to say that matters most in this award. Dr. Balakrishnan is a creative and tireless educator who has consistently made fundamental and lasting impressions upon many of our current and future business leaders.

Following is what some of those students had to say:

“…please allow me to say that you have inspired me from day one. Granted, this class is a lot of work, but if I put in 100% effort, I have learned worth 200% of the effort.”
“…I have felt relentlessly pressured, pounded, squeezed, and scorched to perform under a mountain of work. I hope what ultimately emerges is a diamond.”

We are honored to have dedicated, innovative teachers at the University of Washington Bothell as exemplified by our 2011 Distinguished Teaching Award winner, Dr. P.V. (Sundar) Balakrishnan.

For more information on Dr. Balakrishnan and this honor, please visit http://www.washington.edu/discover/facultystaff/awards/2011-recipients/p.v.-sundar-balakrishnan-distinguished-teaching-award.