Building Coordination

Building Coordination Overview

The diversity of our programs and activities frequently requires coordination of building operations. Building coordination often involves services from Campus Safety, Facilities & Campus Operations, Physical Planning & Space Management and IT. We have found that building coordination is most efficiently accomplished through a building coordinator as the first point of contact for occupants and support units.

To locate the coordinator for a specific building please click HERE. If you would like to contact all of the Building Coordinators across campus, please send an email to

Building Coordinators

A building coordinator program was established to assist the campus community with basic building operations and maintenance inquiries. See a list of the current building coordinators. The following is a summary of their responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain occupant records and building email list serve.
  • Prepare and provide building-wide communication messages.
  • Manage and update building occupant directories.
  • Monitor postings in the building per the Use of Facilities for Publicity policy.
  • Act as an authorized signer for key and card access. Approved key and access control requests are managed by Campus Safety.
  • While the building hours for each building are approved by the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Administration (VCPA), the BC may assist with the determination of building hours, assessing the needs of the department’s that are in the building and class hours.
  • Receive and review requests for after-hours usage, seek VCPA approvals.
  • Liaison to Campus Safety / Emergency Management in the event of an emergency or incident.
  • Serve as the Building Evacuation Coordinator. Coordinate emergency evacuation operation plans and floor warden selection.
  • Report losses of state property (for example, furniture and equipment) from the building to Campus Safety.
  • The BC will report any unsanitary conditions or hazards to health and safety to Facilities Services.
  • In the event that Facilities Services needs to shutdown utilities (including electricity, water, heating and cooling, or elevators), the BC will assist by notifying building occupants of the outage.
  • During times of construction or remodeling, the BC will assist Facilities Services and Physical Planning & Space Management with disseminating information to building occupants regarding project activities and progress.