Campus Advisory Committee for Environmental Sustainability

CACES was established in 2012 as an advisory body to coordinate and guide progress in fulfilling the commitment to environmental sustainability, identified as a priority through UW Bothell’s strategic planning processes. The committee advises the chancellor and vice chancellors and reports annually to the campus.

CACES works to promote and facilitate the cooperative efforts of the campus community — including faculty, students and staff — to educate, develop values, share knowledge, recommend policies and implement practices that are sustainable. CACES is an inter-departmental and interdisciplinary group of staff, faculty and students on campus interested in working together to advance sustainability on campus and beyond.

Student groups and other campus community members are invited to propose sustainability-related ideas, research and initiatives to CACES that they would like to see implemented on campus, as well as attend CACES meetings to get updates on the state of campus sustainability.

CACES Resources

Committee Members

  • Gowri Shankar, Vice Chancellor, Planning & Administration (Executive Sponsor)
  • Martin Arroyo, Director, Transportation Services and Sustainability, Facilities Services & Campus Operations (Co-chair)
  • Rob Turner, Teaching Professor, School of IAS (Co-chair)
  • Lily Cason, Program Manager, Environmental Education & Research Center
  • Stephan Classen, Assistant Director of Sustainable Practices, Cascadia College
  • Brandon Flemming, Part-Time Lecturer, School of Business
  • Heather Galindo, Associate Teaching Professor, School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Treyton Howell, Resident Director of Operations, Residential Life
  • Rita Johnson, Administrator, School of Nursing & Health Studies
  • Tyson Kemper, Building & Grounds Supervisor, Facilities Services
  • Faith Lambert, student representative
  • Ryan McIrvin, Director, Government and Community Relations
  • Dani Sissons, Parking Enforcement Supervisor, Commuter Services
  • Shahrzad Tehrani, Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities Services
  • Thomas Tumbokon, student representative