Campus Design Review Team (CDRT)

Implementing the Campus Master Plan

The UW Bothell and Cascadia College campus master plan establishes a long-term vision of the shared campus and serves to guide the responsible growth and physical development of the Bothell campus. To implement the design principles of the Campus Master Plan, the Campus Design Review Team (CDRT) was formed including representation from both institutions to advise the Chancellor of the University of Washington Bothell and the President of Cascadia College.

The primary purpose of CDRT is to maximize the functionality and desirable experiential qualities of the campus, its facilities, and setting. The CDRT reviews all projects that either individually or cumulatively have temporary or permanent visual and/or functional impacts on the campus setting, including any historic resources. The campus setting is defined for CDRT purposes as the campus landscape, plantings, circulation corridors and gathering places, building exteriors, public spaces and rights of way, signage, and shared building interior public spaces. The CDRT reviews project plans at the earliest possible time in a project so that the project may achieve its goals and those of the University/College within budget and schedule parameters.